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    Disc arena 2V2 - 30 minute matches, help

    Seems lately most of the comps we pull in 2V2 are 1 deeps and 1 heals. These usally turn into 20 or 30 minute slugfests for us.

    It typically starts out with the dps trying to burn me (Disc) into the dirt. They give up when I successfully kite them around for 5 minutes or so. Then it just becomes a mana race between me and the other healer while my partner (arms warr) and the opponent go toe to toe.

    I will MC or fear the other healer, trying to get them to trinket. If they trinket, I immediately follow up with the other cc (MC or fear) available to take them out of the fight as long as possible. While the healer is cc'd, I'll focus the dps opponent along with my partner. Sometimes this works, sometimes it's not enough to kill the opponent before the healers cc wears off and he heals his dps partner back to full.

    TLDR - should 2V2 matches against healer/dps combos last 30 minutes? Am I or my partner doing something wrong?

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    Discipline priests are really in power currently while warriors wel... sucks. Change the warrior for frost mage and enjoy 2.2k easly.

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    Does it matter as long as you win?

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    I'm playing rdruid/spriest and yh the matches usually take some time.Had one against resto shaman/arms warr and the result was a draw. :/


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    arms/disc shouldnt have as many long games compared to rdruids and hpallies because the offensive pressure a disc can put out is very good.

    however as your rating gets higher and healers become stronger heal/dps vs heal/dps can easily time cap

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