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    New to Shamans. How do I use my totems?

    I'm testing out Restoration Shaman right now on the beta. Reason being is that I'm trying out all the healing classes to see which one I enjoy more. I just want to know what an easy way to cast my totems is. Or if there isn't does that mean I have to use my mouse every time and move it to my bar click the icon then click the totem I want? Would be pretty annoying.

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    Each individual totem is a spell. You don't need to think of it as anything other than that. You can use the elemental-specific totem buttons, manually put each totem on your bars/keybind/macros, or both.

    The only hard part about totems are positioning (searing totem comes to mind, same as Spirit Link, due to the fact it comes out BEHIND and to the LEFT of you, if I remember correctly - not "inside" you). THAT and, not overriding totems of the same element (i.e. putting down Mana Tide Totem when Healing Tide Totem is still up). But, this really only matters most of the time as Resto with Water totems. Balancing Healing Stream, Healing Tide, and Mana Tide. With some encounters you'll need to juggle your Earth Totems as well, also depending on which talents you take. Totems like Earthgrab, Stone Bulwark, and Improved Earth Elemental Totem (via the lvl 90 talent "Primal Elementalist") pose more threat to snipping totem duration and more juggle.
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