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    i'd like to ride around on a disc on top of 4 mammoths
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    Anyone who has seen the harry potter series has seen the flying around in a wisp of smoke the death eaters and the phoenix members do. It would be awsome if we had something similar, with a long shadowy trail or light trail behind us, heck even disc could have a yellowy penance looking one!
    For shadow:

    You fly around sort of with a massive black trail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hushkoon View Post
    I want a dragon.
    ^ Asking for trouble my friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veiled View Post
    but no, the correct answer is "altar boy" for a priest mount.
    That is the correct answer. a priest riding a altar boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EllipsisGH View Post
    brb, making a shaman named Goku. Not only would I get to ride around on a cloud, but I get an ability that I can only use once per boss fight that makes me bigger and allows me to attack super fast.
    so your the 1 who made deathwing so angry searching for his balls

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    Mage flying mount: Something similar to Iceman from Marvel comics, but different for each spec. Fire Ice or something sparkly purple.
    This idea is way cool and definitely preferable if Blizz were to just go crazy and implement all these wacky, neat things.

    If they were to implement something more realistic, I envision the Mage mount being exactly like the discs from the adds in the Malygos encounter (plus, you know Blizz would take the easy route!).

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    I'd like my priest to have a carriage made of gnomes and pulled by 2 retri paladins. Giddy up, you!

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    Ground Mount:
    Earthen Wolf
    Flying Mount:


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    Most priests, being believers in the teachings of Cathol, would be more than happy to saddle up upon the firm supple buttocks of an innocent (for a little bit at least) young altar boy.
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    A black, elegant, thin spider, for Shadow Priests.

    Like Mother Smolderwed in LBRS.

    Then it gets to what should be given to Holy and Disc... maybe the Same spider, in a white-y color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarmifias View Post
    Ground Mount:
    Earthen Wolf
    Flying Mount:

    Hahahahaha, you actually think that a shaman would have a Phoenix mount? Have you any knowledge of wow lore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ed View Post
    Hahahahaha, you actually think that a shaman would have a Phoenix mount? Have you any knowledge of wow lore?
    mebbe hes making a link between Shaman Ankh Reincarnation and Phoenix Fiery Rebirth?
    def not lore, and im not supporting the idea, but u can see the connection

    Quote Originally Posted by fdirs View Post
    Mage flying mount: Something similar to Iceman from Marvel comics, but different for each spec. Fire Ice or something sparkly purple.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bombkirby View Post
    As a mage, it'd be cool to use fire magic to shoot rocket boosters out of your hands to fly around! >
    nice idea

    then Fire Mages become Astro Boy
    Frost Mages become Iceman
    Arcane Mages become Silver Surfer

    but at the OP:
    Quote Originally Posted by Reptile Spine View Post
    summon a cloud that levitates them up (like flying nimbus, yes...)
    Monkey Magic (who Goku ripped off) says Hi.

    but the thread winner is:
    Quote Originally Posted by PreventerWind View Post
    Image of Shark with lazers on its head
    +100 internets sir
    Im surprised you didnt go for the SharkRocketCannonTrex tho (large image so not embed, but link here)
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    please me
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    I'd like a tiny, nude, pink haired gnome... And I'd like to be able to take a buddy with me, just like you can with the Hog.

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    A priest flying mount shouldn't even be a mount, they should just hover around in a cool way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    Dove? Oh lord...

    There really is only one correct answer for a priest flying mount:

    Get crackin', gnomes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Penric View Post

    You want to mount Alan Rickman?

    Do not want.

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    They could alter the mechanics of Levitate to make it so you can fly with it. OOC only ofc

    Also, I think it wouldbe very cool idd if they let us have Dispersion as a flying mount. Less it's mana regen qualities ofc This would be Shadow only, and would certainly make sense.

    I think Shadow is the greatest spec in the whole game. Dispersion as a mount would increase that 10 fold.
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    That said, I'm going to bed. Having a conversation in this context with someone with an avatar alluding to heroine use is just odd.

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