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    4.0.6 -Disc pve / pvp gems

    Hey all,

    What are the new 4.0.6 Discipline pvp and pve gems?
    is it still (for pve) 40 int for red... 20 int 20 mastery for yellow... and 20 int 20 spirit for purple
    and (for pvp battlegrounds) 20 int 20 resil for red... 20 resil 20 stam for yellow... and 60 stam for blue

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    From a PVE perspective, you're probably fine with staying Int for red and Int/Spi for blue... As to yellow, what it was pre- and what it is post-4.0.6 really depends on your role in raids in determining whether you want your Int paired with Haste, Mastery, or conceivably even Crit (also depending on current gear balance)

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