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    Chimearon.. i know..

    So i looked in the first few pages and didnt see a topic on this and if i had to guess this one has bee picked to the bone..

    Tonight my guild and I downed Chimearon and I was looking at my healing and dispite i myself spaming FH over the raid I found an extremely large amount of my healing was from PoH when it was by far not my most touched button while popular in the fued phases it was next to useless outside of it and yet it was still almost 40% of my healing with CoH at like 16%, so my question is are the avg numbers?

    also on the Chiearon fight how often should I be using PoM it wasnt super helpful like on alot of fights.

    and for a finally question how useful if at all is renew on this fight? i personally didnt use it at all but would love some input on how it can be used?

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    I would think renew is a great thing to have on the tanks, afaik you want the tank that is taking the double attacks to always be topped off.
    As far as PoH, you do most of your healing in this fight during fued. Before and after that you are only topping people to 10k, where as fued you are trying to quickly top the entire raid to full before every aoe tick.

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    even if you don't use PoH all that much just using a lot during feud makes up for it, you're not (or shouldn't at least) do a lot of healing outside feud because there's not that much healing that needs to be done. So yes, PoH will end up high. Regarding renew or pom, they're not very useful here, pom can be used once before the first caustic while running in for feud and renew in general doesn't heal fast enough for this encounter. Renew can be moderately useful on the doublestrike tank but he will generally be healed up fast enough for most of the renew to result in overheal anyway (at least in our raids)

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    Prayer of Healing is absolutely amazing on Chimaeron. After the Massacre hits everyone to 1 hp, throw a PoH on the group with the tank, and then a PoH on the second group, and boom, everyone in the raid is in a safe range.

    As you mentioned, it is also amazing during Feud. 40% total healing done by Prayer of Healing is not unusual at all - my guild's priest was at around 45-50%, and I looked on World of Logs, and most of the top logs there are up near 60%+ Prayer of Healing.

    As for Renew, it isn't fast enough. It won't heal somebody enough before a second Caustic could RNG their face into the ground.
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