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    Shadow PvP: Smite & Holy Fire?

    Hey, I'm setting up my keybinds for Shadow PvP and was wondering wether you use Smite and Holy Fire at all, being Shadow, obviously. I mean, maybe while locked from Shadow school or something. Just trying to figure out wether I should have them on my bars or not. Thanks!

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    If Blizzard would hurry up and fix Mind Spike to not be shadow school like its supposed to be then you could do without HF and Smite.

    As it is I have HF on my bars for if I want to bait a mage into locking out my holy school instead of shadow.

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    Not really worth it most of the time... in shadow spec, your smite and holy fire casts are really slow, plus you have to waste time/mana shifting back into shadowform afterwards.

    Most of the time, dispelling the HOTs, beacons, shields, buffs, whatever off the target will do more "damage" then your untalented holy spells. Also, very often, it's more worthwhile to heal or toss a shield when you get your shadow locked too.

    If you must keybind keybind holyfire and smite for shadow, don't make them premium keybinds, harder to reach keybinds will suffice.

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    if i get caught in a lockout i just start spamming heals on myself or partner.

    or go with defensive/offensive dispels.
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    No....basicly as someone mentioned .. use offensive/defendsive dispels shields...
    pro mages often only use counterspell when they have u under pressure or when u have them under pressure...

    i dont use HF or Smite at all in shadow spec

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