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    war priest: should i disc or should i hol?


    I play in arena with a war arm. I know disc were incredibly up with the patch but i continue to think that holy is still better WITH a war. Because of a wonderfull chastise and the how great is the sprint shield on a war who has lost his intercept... Plus the 4pieces bonus which is extremly pleasant with the sprint...

    Did someone already test this combo, and do you think i woyld do a better job as disc. I repeat i just want to know WITH this specific combo (priest+war)

    Thanks a million

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    Well, I can't address your specific situation, but I 2v2 with a Feral Druid and 3v3 with a Hunter and a Warlock/Paladin, and I've found Holy quite adequate.
    If you say you find Holy to be good (or better) then by all means, play Holy.
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