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    Range of atonement

    Hiya, can anybody tell me from where the atonement range of 15y counts? Is it from the centre of the target or rather from the edge of the hit box?

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    Center of the hitbox, that was why it was buffed to 15 yards, since on bigger boss models they needed to stand inside the boss to be in range.
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    Thanks, with regard to the Chimaeron fight would it be possible to heal the raid via atonement? Or is it simply not viable as only melees wouldget the heals?

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    Only melees would get the heals - Chimaeron is pretty big. Also I'm not sure atonement targeting would be reliable enough for chim. I always use direct heals on chim, just to be sure.
    Also worth noting that glyph of pw:s is a great instant heal for chim.

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    Arguably, Atonement works significantly if you set your raid up for it. That is, until you get Caustic Slime...
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    It's a nightmare, tried it. You simply never get a heal on those you would prioritize. But the Archangel buff is nice for feuds and massacres.

    Personally and this is just me, I prefer Flash Heal usage on Chimaeron, his slime isn't fast enough burn my mana with cooldown use and I like the certainty of a 1 hit heal above 10K.

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    I mainly use Heal, it does the job. Also glyph of pw:s is often sufficient if I need a fast heal on someone before massacre.

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    My experience was that heal doesn't do the job. We downed him last night and I found it worked quite well with atonement. Had a Pally taking care of the tanks, a druid who died at ~60% T_T and me as disc. I shielded the double-hit-tank and casted holy fire shortly before the slime came. When the slime hit I spammed smite and atonement did the job. I found glyphed PW:B very helpful in that fight as good timing allows you to cast it in fued 1 and 3. AA + PoH was great during fued as well.
    I think this approach only works well in 10 mans as there is enough space for 10 ppl standing in Chimaerons hitbox without being in 6y range to eachother. Thus they were all in 15y range to the centre of the target.

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