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  • Tauren

    141 25.31%
  • Troll

    148 26.57%
  • Worgen

    86 15.44%
  • Night Elf

    182 32.68%
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    Best Druid Race?

    Simple, what is the best race for druids? based on lore, looks, opinions, whatever...

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    Night Elves, The first, Malfurion Stormrage is Night Elven. Point proven

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    Tauren, plain and simple. Troll flight form looks hideous, as they are the bastard child of the druid class. Nelf's are too feminine for a class that is so versatile. That and I play horde, so Worgens are outta the question already.

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    Troll. Berzerking. /thread.

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    Tauren druids + herbalism = power to piss off almost everyone trying to get some damn herbs

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    Night Elves.
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    Tauren druids + herbalism = power to piss off almost everyone trying to get some damn herbs
    ^ Very true!

    Female tauren druid looks amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by themummy View Post
    ^ Very true!

    Female tauren druid looks amazing
    Really? to me female tauren look like a donkeys bum!

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    Taurens I think.

    "Taurens strive to live in balance, hunt only in order to eat, attack only when attacked."

    "To a druid, nature is a delicate balance of actions, in which even the smallest imbalance can create storming turmoil from peaceful skies."

    Taurens fit perfectly in this setting.

    And before you ppl will start to say "horde is evil, bad, ect", The orcs have saved the taurens so the taurens are indepted to the horde, so in order to honor the balance they serve, they joined the horde.

    There is uncertainty who were the first druids in lore. The night elfs claim they were the first while record are also records which claim the taurens were first (Check the Forestlord and the First Druids scroll in Elder's Rise, Thunder Bluff).

    Worgen are basicly all druids as they suffer from a curse which was spread between them from when Arugal tampered with the Scythe of Elune. The curse orgination came from the druids of the scythe who went feral due to the fact that they lost their minds to its violent nature. So if you look at it, worgens are basicly a shapeshift form.

    What there is from lore to trolls is unknown to me.

    SO if you ask me, lore wise Taurens and also I think that the tauren shapeshift form looks the most natural of all forms.
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    Trolls are the best everything, there's no need to play any other race.
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    Well, as a Native Canadian person myself (Mi'kmaq), I'm more than a little biased in my love for everything about Taurens.
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    Night Elf Males. Females were originally not capable of being druids, Blizz changed the lore for gameplay purposes.

    Although it is said Night Elves are descendants of Forest Trolls so....

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    This is dependant on many things...

    PVE(Horde) Troll is superior with the haste cd
    PVP(Horde) Tauren is superior with the stomp cat gotta go
    PVE(Alliance) Worgen racial crit bonus o.O
    PVP(alliance) Nelf shadowmeld need i say more?

    Over all pve Troll is far superior crit is nice but a haste CD is better for all specs
    Over all PVP Nelf is superior more like a rogue is win

    Lore wise Tauren nelfs are just blah ugly dirty elve's

    Look wise Troll female or nelf female batform wins tho

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    tauren hands down! i ill nver race change my druid!

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    From a gamer's perspective. Originally Night Elves were the ONLY druids. Before you say L2Lore, I say L2hearpeopleout. Tauren druids were added to bring balance to the factions (and it does make some sense, though it is debatable that Tauren are more shamanistic). In a game like WoW, they can change the lore however they want to even things out. See Druid and Priest Statue Set (It was a tremendous societal change when night elf men were allowed to become priests and the women druids. For thousands of years previously, the two roles had been exclusive to the other gender. This pair of statues commemorates those momentous and tumultuous events.) So, add some lore about Tauren being druids too, make a statue when someone asks why in previous games the genders were exclusive, and boom. Everyone's happy.

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    From a lore standpoint, how can it be anything BUT the Night Elves? They are generally considered to be the first Druids, although that is debatable, apparently: Still, Malfurion is considered to be the father of Druids, because in someway he's directly or indirectly taught every single Night Elf and Tauren Druid out there.

    Still, I like the idea of Tauren Druids, and to a lesser existent Worgen and Troll Druids.
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    Lore: Night Elf (one of the oldests races, first druid, far more connected to Nature than even Taurens, druidism integral to the culture and history of elven society).
    Reputation: Tauren (not even the Alliance races have a bad word to say about them. Just unfortunate they were beholden to Horde first).
    Tank racial (*): Night Elf (avoidance).
    DPS melee racial (*): Worgen (crit + darkflight).
    DPS caster racial (*): Troll (oldest race, berserking is very powerful and on-use meaning it can stack with other dps cooldowns like crazy).
    Healer racial: Night Elf (Shadowmeld is such an incredible life saver. When used well, you should rarely die in any situation. You can't heal when you're dead. Even more important since they removed all the healer threat reduction talents since patch 4.0. Miss this terribly when healing on other races).
    Most practical: Worgen due to Darkflight can have frequent additional crazy movement just when you need it, regardless of spec. Though Night Elf shadowmeld is not far behind for questing or spell interrupt.
    Least practical: Tauren size is a hindrance when getting through doors, corridors and small places when on anything other than a trike mount.
    Looks: (completely subjective) female night elf or female troll.

    Overall: Night Elf > Worgen > Troll > Tauren.

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    Night Elf. I can't stand playing the Horde (troll/tauren) because of the looks. That, and Worgen and Trolls are still too new in my book to really consider them to be contenders in the best race (for lore purposes and length of time in game). So in reality, it would be Night Elf versus Tauren and both have their merits. As a Night Elf druid, Malfurion Stormrage instantly comes to mine as a notable druid and the first one I think of out of them all.

    From a game play perspective, it would probably have to be troll for their Berserk or Worgen for the crit (I play mostly PVE). Tauren have warstomp and Night Elf have the dodge and shadowmeld for PvP (of course any of the racials can be used for both PVE and PVP). None of the racial bonuses are meant to be game breakers which is why I don't care.

    Never race changing my druid from Night Elf, though. I've stuck it out this long as being the only druid playable race for Alliance, not changing now.
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    Night Elves for the Alliance and Tauren for the Horde... we don't needed two more Races :|
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