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  • Human

    14 7.04%
  • Gnome

    36 18.09%
  • Dwarf

    7 3.52%
  • Draenei

    16 8.04%
  • Worgen

    24 12.06%
  • Blood Elf

    33 16.58%
  • Undead

    26 13.07%
  • Troll

    51 25.63%
  • Orc

    19 9.55%
  • Goblin

    51 25.63%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Best race for mage

    Like the title says. How do you think what race? My guess blood elves and humans (lorewise) but they suck in game imo.

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    Goblins, 1% more haste = win

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    Goblins would be my type :P I don't care much about it being lorewise. Goblins look cute <3

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    Undead females look brilliant as mages imo, but I think Gnomes and Humans are the best.
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    Where's the night elf option? oO

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    It terms of min/maxing Gnomes have highest intellect, Draenei have a hit boost so you can focus more stats on haste/crit instead of hit capping.
    Goblins have the 1% haste as mentioned above, which is about on par with the 1% hit from Draenei.(but instead you just don't have to switch hit into something else)
    Orcs get the extra pet damage, but thats pretty negligible unless you play frost and even then, its only about 50 extra damage per bolt. Not sure if it applies to mirror images or not? but the damage from them is also still rather small.
    Trolls get the Berserking, which kind of replaces the loss of Icy Veins for raiding specs, if only half assed.
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    Throughout the years...

    Throughout the years I have played many mages. Human-->Undead-->Draenai-->Gnome. And out of all 4 I have to say either Gnome or Undead Prolly Gnome.

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    i like goblins because of the extra kiting tool < the rocket jump thing> and there short like my gnome lock> LoL

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    Troll mages FTmfingW.

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    UD male for animations.

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    It's immediately Forsaken of any gender. Screw racials, when you've got a badass casting animation like they do, fuck a 1% hit or haste increase.
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    I like my female draenei mage. Great casting animations, 1% hit, free heal and a sexy look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lepp View Post
    Goblins, 1% more haste = win
    Troll's berserking is actually better.
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    PvP = Goblins

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    Troll's berserking is actually better.
    1% Haste is 100% up time, troll berserking is what 10 secs now?

    So Berserking makes for a quick burst for 3 or 4 spells.

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    Troll, Troll, Troll.
    People should ask "Best Troll Class" instead of "Best Race for a X Class"

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    Undead for the casting animation, Troll for the mini Heroism.

    1% Haste is 100% up time, troll berserking is what 10 secs now?

    So Berserking makes for a quick burst for 3 or 4 spells.
    It can be chained with Bloodlust for a longer period of extra damage or when you need more damage "now".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salexan View Post
    PvP = Goblins

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    1% Haste is 100% up time, troll berserking is what 10 secs now?

    So Berserking makes for a quick burst for 3 or 4 spells.
    And it averages out to more haste over the course of a fight than the Goblin racial does.

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    PVE Prob Blood Elf they have so much more base int either that or Goblins for that haste. it used to be humans for that + to spirit for fire mages way back when but no more. =(
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    Orc Mage cause they're rare.

    And I have one.

    And I'm awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaratje View Post
    Where's the night elf option? oO
    Illidan ate it.

    No, seriously, night elves don't do mage. They had some very traumatic experiences in the past, and won't tolerate one of their race as being a mage.
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