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    How is your DPS - no QQ, no BS, just numbers/discussion

    So I'm wondering if we can have a thread to get an idea of how spriest DPS is after the hotfix nerf in a variety of situations. I'd like it if the thread wasn't filled with crying about the nerf or how it was applied - I'd just like to have a consolidated account of numbers.

    I'm interested, in particular, in how you compare to your peers without DI involved on various encounter types (single target [Atramedes, Chimaeron], 2-3 target [V&T, Council], AOE fights [Cho'gall, Magmaw]), and how is the state of mind sear after all the composite changes (i.e., the buff to mastery/the spell itself minus the hotfix nerf)

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    Haven't done much raiding yet this expansion. But, I'll answer anyways. My gear is just about to the point of the BiS pre-raid setup.

    Before the nerf I was doing 13k on the dummy with self-buffs only. Afterwards, 11.5k. That figures to be around 8.5% decrease. I saved pre-nerf simcraft reports and it is showing pretty much the same DPS numbers as I'm seeing.

    To slightly de-rail, the thing that I'm noticing a lot more this expansion is how much group make-up effects my DPS. Seems like it can be a several K swing at times.

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    Uh i cant tell you how i did in raid last night without DI cause i had it all night.

    I did push out 16k DPs on asaad in vortex pinnacle yesterday with no caster buffs other than what i provided myself (the other 2 dps were melee)

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    after the patch my dps went up by 3k dps on a dummy. went from 11.5k to 14.5k dps. Mind sear is also more viable to use since u can also target the tanks.

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    ive bursted 38k
    but on average its a 30k burst and end fight with 18-24k

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    Just did Chimaeron, so I can tell dps from that fight

    #1 Me with 19293 dps
    #2 Shammy 18391 dps

    Just after patch I was doing 14.5k on dummy, after the nerf I was only breaking about 12k
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    My spriest is heroic-geared with crafted and rep epics. I was doing about 11k dps before the nerf, and am now doing about 8.5-9k dps in raids. I think a change of 2-3k dps is pretty accurate.

    NerdlyMandingo is absolutely correct about group makeup...I notice a huge difference if we get more than one pally in the group and can apply BoM and BoK. With one or no pallies, I hit an average of 9k dps. With multiple pallies, I average closer to 12k. I also don't run with a boomkin or a shaman frequently...their buffs also make huge differences in my numbers.

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    on heroic chim last night i was doing 17-19k dps with a 352 ilvl. tbh i didn't even notice a nerf

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