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    Best PVP pets?

    There are many different types of pets that are good in pvp, but what is the best?
    I know many like to use spiders for the 5 sec root, but is it really the best?
    I mean, i dont really have a problem keeping my distance from most melee classes and i feel like a pet with a damaging buff or spell interrupt might be better.
    Because i cant decide i have just used a wasp because it lookes cool, but what are your opinions?
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    Spider FTW !! but thats my opinion

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    Rabid Gnome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marne View Post
    Rabid Gnome.
    we can only dream xD

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    Would be great with a reason, not just shouting out different pet families
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    Wasnt there just an awesome video linked about his on the forum?
    It had great men discussing the benefits of different pets.

    Prolly monkey if you can control the blind properly, it acts both as interrupt and root.

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    General: Spider or Monkey (though this nerfed hard recently due to the break-on-damage change).

    Vs melee: Bird.

    Vs casters: Moth.

    Backup (Intervene etc): Crocolisk (perma slow) or Crab.
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    I don't think there's a single best one. It depends on the situation and your opponent:
    - Spider or Silithid in high-speed BGs
    - Monkey for general stuff (i.e. you don't know your opponent)
    - Bird of Prey against Hunters / Warriors / Rogues
    - Moth or (other pet with silence) against casters
    - Cat or Spirit Beast for boss fights (AV or IoC), or if you're a Nelf in Shadowmeld.
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    Monkey for stun.
    Spider for snare.

    Spirit Beast for looks.

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    spirit beast for sure

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    Taken from:

    3 Pets!

    Pets! We all love them, it is the reason most of us chose to play Hunter. There is one very useful site for information on pets: get used to using it for finding pets, updates on pet abilities and even the new spirit beasts!

    Marksman and Survival Pets:

    The beauty of the pet overhaul some time ago is that we now have a pet for every occasion. In addition, we now have the ability to swap our pets in combat – meaning that with thought we can have a pet to counter whatever comp we come across.
    The usual pet line-up for non Beast Mastery hunters will consist of some of the following:

    Monkey – Gives a 4 second disorient, (however counts as controlled stun that cannot be blinked out of).

    Scorpid/Bird of Prey – 10 second disarm (1 minute cooldown).

    Moth – 4 second lockout (1 minute cooldown).

    Spider – 5 second root that does not break on damage (40 second cooldown).

    Wind Serpent – Increases magic damage taken by the target by 8% (great for Survival Hunters or if you are playing with a caster, that is not a warlock).

    These 5 pets together provide a well balanced group of pets that can be used to increase the utility of your team.

    Beast Mastery Pets:

    Core Hound - provides bloodlust and a casting speed debuff.

    Spirit Beast – Provides a heal (scaling with attack power) and an equivalent Horn of Winter buff. (Multiple Spirit beasts is highly recommended for double DPS 2s as the heal cooldown is not shared among the different beasts).

    Side notes: There are many other pets that give a variety of debuffs, mostly for PVE purposes, in certain situations where you might know who you are facing (such as a tournament) you may find these other pets to be of better use. I highly recommend using regularly, add it to your favourites and have a browse through the various pet abilities.
    There isn't a "best" pet, it's very situational. I carry a range of pets that I can swap out when needed.

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    I use my devilsaur most of the time while I pvp because I focus on the healers and the 10% healing reduction helps keep them from healing themselves enough for me to kill them. And he's huge and I can hide behind him.

    I also carry my spirit beast and scorpid with me or the heal and melee disarm, but I rarely use them.
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    NO I was the first hunter with a gull for a pet, I don't want anyone else using them lol.

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    I am surprised no one has suggested yet: The Sporebat. It makes rogues bleed from their anus'; and Death Knights too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuilnisman View Post
    I am surprised no one has suggested yet: The Sporebat. It makes rogues bleed from their anus'; and Death Knights too.
    Which game are you playing?

    Spore Cloud [Special Ability]
    Dusts nearby enemies with spores, reducing the casting speed of all enemy targets within 6 yards 30% for 10 sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuilnisman View Post
    I am surprised no one has suggested yet: The Sporebat. It makes rogues bleed from their anus'; and Death Knights too.
    It's especially crappy since you can just walk out of its pathetic range, unlike warlock's curse of tongues or arcane's slow or rogues mind-numbing or DK's necrotic strike or BM's core hound. Heck, a Sporebat can basically be replaced by a plain old Snake Trap. At least the snakes keep up with the enemy and afflict even more debuffs.
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    Are spiders really that good?
    I'm using a crab atm and i like the intervene and the Pin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostylights View Post
    Are spiders really that good?
    I'm using a crab atm and i like the intervene and the Pin.
    Spider Pros
    - ranged "pin" 30y range vs melee range
    - pet mobility goes through the roof with Dash and Mobility, basically perma-dash
    - Roar of Recovery
    - extra damage below 35% (Cornered + Frenzy).

    Crab pros:
    - Intervene
    - Roar of Sacrifice.

    Basically, if you do all kinds of pvp, including battlegrounds, the extra pet mobility and ranged CC should be more useful than extra defensive abilities.

    However, for arena, depending on your comp and who you face, Crab could be significantly superior since it does allow you to play a lot more defensively. Especially since you may find yourself frequently the focus target.
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