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    Please help me tune up my priest!

    Currently, out there, there are many guides that all contradict each other when it comes to how to Itemize a disc priest that raid heals.
    Since we have a paladin, I fulfill the raid healing role. Are there any experienced disc raiders out there that could offer advice as far as gems/reforging? I would really like to be as efficient as possible, but, y'know, Im no good at theorycrafting. Unable to post armory, but Im Gnostic from Greymane, 10/12, prolly 6th on the battle.net search list. Thanks.

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    elitist jerks seem to be the place to go to for me. Stacking intellect is the best, after that haste, then mastery. I got like 10% haste or something and that seems fine for me.

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    In 4.0.6? As much int as you can, stack spirit and mastery and go go bubble bot. Most effective raid healing disc setup.

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    Due to the buff's of PW:S you want Int (same as ever), Mastery (Bigger shields) and spirit to regain all the mana you're going to be spending spamming the raid again. Welcome back to Wrath.

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