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    Update if anyone is interested...

    I went to Gamestop today and they looked up my purchase history, but the told me they would rather not give me a new copy if all I needed was a receipt to prove to Bethesda that I bought the game. Something about cross-store inventory and the purchase date of the game. They printed me off a new receipt, and now I'm waiting on an email from Bethesda support. I don't see why I wouldn't get a key at this point.

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    Bethesda are kind of a clumsy company, their games are buggy and not very well put together, but they try their best despite having monkeys for programmers.

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    eh, i never had any problems with bethesda. The opposite even, i enjoyed all of their games. No complaints here.
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    I can not remember if you said how you paid, if you used visa/ master card/ amex or any affiliate dissemination call them, they will either get bethesda to refund you or possibly offer to not charge it back to you. They bought my in laws a new fridge when the best buy service plan would not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teeleh View Post
    I'm posting this here so others can see what awful customer support this company offers, as well as to ask for suggestions as to what to do next.

    I received Fallout: New Vegas for Christmas, and I was saving it for a work trip that I'm currently on. When I opened the box, I began to install the game only to find that I needed to use a CD key to activate the game on Steam. No big deal, I thought. But as I looked for the key, I realized that it was nowhere to be found. There was no insert, no sticker, no printed code on the back of the manual, NOTHING.

    My first instinct was to call Bethesda. They said they'd email with instructions about what to do next. When I received the email about an hour later, I was told to email them back with a picture of the disc, box, manual, and Classic Pack DLC CD key I received with the game. They also wanted a picture of the receipt. I explained that I did not have the receipt, but I thought the DLC key would do.

    No response for 6 days, so I email them back with the attachments. I was then promptly (and rather shortly) told that there was nothing they could do. Sorry, you're screwed. I emailed back and told them I had the unused Classic Pack CD key and that I was a longtime buyer of Bethesda products. Once again, sorry there's nothing I could do. So I told them that I was planning on buying future Bethesda games, but that I probably wouldn't if their customer support was going to be this poor. I asked that the email conversation be forwarded to a manager.

    I then got an email basically stating, "Thanks for your suggestions and/or complaints. If you want to talk more about it - sorry - you've exhausted your options."

    I'm very disappointed with this response, mostly because my wife wasted $45 of our money buying me a game I cannot play.


    TLR - I bought a copy of Fallout: NV with no CD key included. They won't hook me up with a new one. WAHHH
    Was the game bought used? Game developers really despise the used game market. And activation keys is something that A LOT of game companies are doing now to try to prevent losing too much profit from used games.

    However, they requested a photograph of the receipt. This is COMMON PRACTICE for situations like this when they ask for proof of purchase. Not just a Bethesda thing. You can't blame Bethesda for following common practices. It's not a matter of bad customer service at all.

    And as an added note, it's ALWAYS a smart idea, and this goes for both you and your wife, to keep receipts around until you know you won't need them anymore. It's also ALWAYS a smart idea to not hold off on testing out a product (especially for a month and a half). Instead, you should test the product shortly after purchase in case a situation like this occurs, and this can be said for nearly any product.

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