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    Considering playing a priest what ya think?

    Hello, ive just taken like a 3 week break from wow, I have a lvl 80 priest, that ive never played other than level him to 80 before cata came out.

    I currently have a ilvl 349 resto druid, and a ilvl 336 holy pally. I in the end just love to heal. So im thinking of spicing it up and playing a priest. It would be mostly for healing with the here and there shadow. I am just curious what are the pros and cons of a priest right now for both dps and healing. Any thouhts would be great. TY in advance.

    P.S. if anyone knows a good site for tips for priest healing let me know.

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    Priests are great healers. Holy has the AOE goodness; disc brings the cooldowns. It's really great, I love my priest guildie.

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    What do YOU think?

    Priests are AMAZING healers. Holy is just...goodness gracious great balls of fire! And the Chakra system just makes healing a bit more fun.

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    I dont know what to think really as all i did was level it to 80 and that was awhile back and I kind of powerleveled it, so didnt get to enjoy it that much.

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    Leveling a priest was a pain in the butt for me. Once you get him to 85 you will really love playing one whether it be pvp or pve.

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    I'm a bubble-bot for life. Holy's nice on a lot of fights and I (grudgingly) switch to it where it will dominate, but Disc is just beautiful. I love my absorbs!

    As far as leveling goes, you can actually do a pretty solid discipline dps thing until northrend when shadow finally gets some of its better CDs (mostly for mana efficiency). Prior to that though, disc can take on damn near anything and not only survive but thrive even with 4-5 targets on you. Reflective shield is amazing while you're leveling solo.
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    - can be high single target dps with proper raid buffs (talkign about DI)
    - can be high dps when there are targets for multidotting
    - intersting dps style
    - easy gearing (both spirit cloth and non spirit cloth useful)
    - relatively high raid survivability
    - shadow form looks pretty cool
    - can throw some emergency heals (quite useful in heroics, less useful in raids except chimaeron hc)
    - mind control can be a very funny crowd control in heroics (quite a few mobs are immune though)

    - can be dependant on Dark Intent (10% damage buff roughly which is not always available. not a very fun mechanic)
    - a weak spec in heroics IF and only if the other dps is high ,since mobs die before dots can tick to their full duration
    - long ramp up time (more a problem in heroics than in raids)
    - needs some mana management
    - relatively weak aoe damage
    - there seems to be a warlock faction on the forum that has nothing better to do than try and get shadow priests nerfed

    edit: the standard site for shadow is www.shadowpriest.com

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    Do any of you out there have resto druids? How would u compare the 2? And i dont mean which has better heals per second, i mean along the lines of have fun, and actually using skills.

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    I love the pre-planning and mastery of druids. It is very interesting to try and maximize HPS and learning when you're healing people too slowly. Priests have a little of every healer's style mixed in with lots of very unique mechanics. They are sort of all healers in one. They have HoTs, instant casts, hard casts, group heals, mini tranquility, mini mana-tide with an added effect, a minion to replenish some mana, GREAT cooldowns, and for some reason I've always thought they were a cool healing class to PvP on. Low mobility but they become tanks with high resilience (now that they have buffed Disc).

    My main is a resto sham, but he's starting to feel a bit 'clunky' and boring to me tbh. I hard-cast a bunch of heals that produce green numbers and there's not much to think about besides where to place healing rain. Priests are awesome fun if you enjoy having to react fairly quickly.

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    Priest are great healers really, holy for the AoE healing and the chakra that makes it just hilarious to play. Disc with all their cd's and so on, and shadow is a bit difficult to play, but just makes it more fun though. A priest class roll will definately satisfy you

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    Holy is so good right now, I can see why a lot of people are looking to roll priest

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    I rolled a priest for my girlfriend so I can look after her she leveled. I was playing with Shadow but found spent most the time drinking while she pwn'd stuff. Since I switched to Disc with Penance my insta dps/heal its awesome. Just pwn everything and never run out of mana. We just drop in the middle of massive groups and take out everything.

    Leveling is fun. I don't know end yet.

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    the only bad thing about priests is that they're made of squish. penance helps
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    Guess I need to learn to read through the entire OP before posting.

    Priest healing is GREAT now, but unfortunately you'll find it hard to gear up with decent rep and crafted items at 85 now compared to say a cloth dps or a plate tank class. This is the reason I left my priest, not the whole regen issue which everyone complained about. I was just tired of grinding reps and dungeons forever to get the only healing piece available for that slot outside of heroics. It seems on my rogue and paladin tank I'm able to get my items from 2 or 3 sources, but healing cloth is a rare breed these days.

    Priest DPS isn't that fantastic. It's received a few buffs recently, but it's still not nearly as versatile as the other ranged dps classes. Shadow DPS is really only good on very long fights where a single mob can be covered with dots and the priest can cover their whole rotation several times. Clearing out trash in normals, heroics and raids, shadow is often the lowest that I see in my groups by a large margin due to the AoE nerf for Cata.
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