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    What Items do you have on your desk?

    Well, the title says it all, Describe what items/things you have on your computer desk

    I'll start, 4 empty coke bottles 2 plates and a glass of water

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    A bottle of water, a bunch of receipts, my watch, a remote controller for my television, and a hammer/squeaky toy.
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    4 folders, notebook, pen, my iPhone, Me to You bear, bottle of water.

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    2 laptops, 2 printers, monitor, keyboard, a company phone, 2 hard drives, screws, a blank cd, postet notes, CF card, bluetooth dongle, bottle of water and 2 pens.

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    digital camera, complete conan book collection, jeeves and wooster box set and a mix of about six other books

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    Lacquer, a ruler, knife, mic, bass pics, sharpies, couple screw drivers

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    2 cups, mointer, speakers, blackberry, £10, empty monster cans, Blue jeans aftershave, Passport and my national insurance.

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    about 20 laptops, 3 headsets, my lunch, bottle of water and my cellphone.
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    Nicotine, computer+related stuff, phones, snickers, microphone, glass of water, contacts, external sound card, external harddrive, mp3 player, cup of coffee, more phones, bunch of pencils, calculators, random books in mathematical theory, a windrider cub, some dvds, ps2, some post-its, magnetic balls. And ofc, a lot of stuff under/behind this stuff that i can't see atm.
    If anyone would clean my desk they would probably find an old Viking settlement or something equally strange.

    Thats correct, i can barley see my monitor

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    Laptop, a bunch of CDs, my sweet sound system that I'm still setting up, notebook, cell phone and some cat hair sprinkled on my mouse pad as a nice suprise.

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    Bowl o candy, cup o tea. Computer stuff. Tissues (lovely being ill). Remote for TV, cellphone and some movies.

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    depends which desk.
    This one, keyboard mouse ect . jug of water cell phone cup full of pens and some paper and truck payment.
    other desk, 40k Minis, paints and brushes. And my HK .45, was at the range and just finished cleaning it.
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    My screen, speakers, my glasses, a lamp, my smokes my lighter and ashtray, mug of coffee, authenticator, a random alan key and a hand sanitiser pump dispenser thingy...

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    My Tablet,
    My Painkillers, you can thank mah wisdom teeth for these.
    My Dental Floss,
    My Toothpicks,
    My Empty Can(s) of Monster or Water every now and then Coca Cola
    Every now and then an Empty Plate,
    My Little machiene to be able to use Ideal.
    And... And.... And... My book.. for when Im very bored.
    ooh ooh My wallet and my Glasses and my Samsung Galaxy Phone <3
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    Computer, 2 monitors, peripherals. Wallet. Book. Nintendo DSi in 'Clock' mode.

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    Macbook Pro, MicroKorg, Fireface, lots and lots of cables, iPhone, 4 cans of Red Bull, headphones, 2 stompboxes, lots of wire and random parts for modifying them 2 stompboxes, notation block, nintendo 64 controller laptop bag, scarf, some pencils, ashtray, smokes and a lighter.

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    Well, first of all, my pc
    then my laptop, my lamp, a "the Clash" patch, my phone, wallet, iPod, book, cup of tea, rubik's cube, a neocube, 2 screwdrivers, some money, another ipod, sheet music

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    sauce pan full of ketchup, chair, 19" flaccid flashbackpenis resting there, computer, trollface mask, a van gogh painting, skärm
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    Aarhus, Denmark
    MacBook Pro
    Bottle of water (almost empty)
    My computer mouse
    Deutch/Danish Danish/Deutch dictionary
    iPhone 3GS
    Controller to my macbook
    An extern monitor
    Lots of cables
    "The winter king" by Bernard Corwell
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    Quote Originally Posted by axzer View Post
    sauce pan full of ketchup, chair, 19" flaccid flashbackpenis resting there, computer, skärm, a van gogh painting,
    You have a chair on your desk? WHERE DO YOU SIT?

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