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    Field Marshal
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    Jul 2009
    Kent, England
    Iphone,ipad, printer, a real notepad, 1 black bero, 5 black / blue beros with the bottoms chewed off, big can of relentless, 99p packet of cheesy doritios and finally my booble heads ontop of my bravia tv / moniter

    Does need a clean tho

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    My works pc, company phone, random assorted papers that are probably important, and a brand new ipad which I can't open as it's for the office competition

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    hmm lets make a list shal we
    Spotting knives
    2 x screwdrivers
    Random jar that used to have weed in it
    4 x refill paper
    empty eclipse pack
    hair gel
    school timetables
    2 x lighters
    some panadol
    used wow time card
    empty sunglasses case
    notebook (not a notebook computer a actual notebook)
    glass of water
    2 glowsticks
    a small set of drawers
    2 broken graphics cards
    some random CD
    roll of sticky tape
    compass ( the one for drawing circles)
    probably some other random bits n pieces
    <start epic wow theme>
    A world of limitless adventure. We cast the lords of shadow and flame back into the abyss.
    <more epic wow theme>
    We held the line against the rising tide of death itself.
    <epic music peaks>
    We have endured the breaking of the world.Now we face the Destroyer and we will end him.
    <cue Bennny Hill music>Pandas! Pokemon!

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    my wife bending over so i can sit on her while i game

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    Axzer sluta trolla!

    Själv så har man massa godis och kondomer på skrivbordet

    Speak english on the forums. /Dalliah
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    /looks around

    Ash, ahstray, siggy's, lightner, long papers, my "mall-box", bottle of beer, 24" monitor, G-15, mouse, iPhone, framed picture of my lovely girlfriend.

    /life's good

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    High Overlord Lockmybllz's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    My face.

    Headset, drawingtablet, mouse, boxes, glasses, a variety of pencils, screwdriver, monitor, empty coffeemug, lighter, cigs

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    Jun 2010
    iiiin the mountains
    a bunch of books / notebooks for school, a laptop, a headset, an ipod, 3 deodorants, 2 speakers, 2 cups, 2 plates, a fork, a monitor, a calculator / graph-thingie, some loose papers, an empty soda bottle, a blizz authenticator and like a ton of cords. Oh, and a lamp

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    empty beer cans, cigarettes, notebook, monitor, keyboard, purse, my key/authi
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    Most Loved : [...] Germans (yea German people are actually awesome, fuck the World War sterotype bullshit)

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    A coffee mug, a tea cup, a bottle of vodka, and a shot glass.

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    Aug 2009
    Okay, my turn :P Currently, I don't use my desk... Mostly because I can't be bothered cleanig it xD

    So, on my desk I have;
    Several Urge bottles
    2x plates
    A strawberry taste condom, still in it's wrapping (Forever alone )
    About 365 small papers from last years day to day calendar
    A fruit knife
    3 or 4 half-eaten apples
    Some orange peel
    My old mic
    My old speakers
    Some pictures of myself (Oh my christmas present to grandma :O Is it too late to send it? :P)
    About 3 to 4 used gaming cards
    A skull-shaped goblet made out of plastic
    2x tennis balls
    Some used buss tickets

    Hope you enjoyed picturing my desk, cause I don't like the truth :S
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    Dear Bahumut5 and other moderators trying to make users think I'm a girl, please have a giant cup of go fuck yourself.

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    An update on my desk status, I just got back from a meeting and there's a suspicious unmarked box on my desk, which I'm currently staring at, slightly nervous of opening it.

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    LOAD"*",8,1 Fuzzzie's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Legion of Doom Headquarters
    Moving to Fun Stuff.

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    A cup, pens, blanks, some book about horror movies, keyboard, cellphones, modem, sound system and some craps with shiny junks )

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    I have a desk under all this junk?

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    Aug 2008
    Carkeys, ruler, a few pens, a spoon, 'snuff boxes', 2 teacups, coffeecup, 2 waterglasses, coffeepress, some cash, phone, monitors, mouse, mousepad, keyboard, candles, knife, CD's and some garbage I intend to throw eventually, one of those internetbank thingy.

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    Field Marshal Bear94's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Outside your window
    labtop. Backpack. Waterbottle. And Peanut MnM's.
    im at school now too

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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    Nov 2009
    4 pillows, 3 stuffed animals, a throw, a comforter, a small blankey, a sheet and my fat lazy kitty.

    I play on my laptop sitting nice and snug on my bed.

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    1.75 liter bottle of Johnny Walker black, flask, can of air, busted nintendo DS, dried out electronic cleaning wipes, speakers, pictures, assorted games/movies, 3 calculators, flash drive, highlighters, mail in/out box, sunglasses, stapler, colored pens, tape measure, various textbooks/notebooks for school, half a can of Moutain Dew, a half eaten pound cake wrapped in foil, a harmonica, cigs, lighter, ashtray, stuffed bunny, plate with english muffin (noms), headset, sticky notes, mouse, pad, and keyboard.

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    Herald of the Titans Tuvok's Avatar
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    May 2010
    West Sussex, England.
    Lamp (Light bulb is buested)
    An empty glass.
    An ash tray.
    A pink nintendo ds with pokemon soul silver in it.
    An empty and a full pack of John Player Blue.
    A compilation CD my friend made for me about ten years ago.
    A few empty dimebags.
    A pen.
    Tool Salival album - one of my prized posessions.
    Organ donor card.
    Permanent marker.
    Quinine Sulphate tablets.
    My rolling plate with skins, a couple of grams of weed, a grinder, scissors and roach material.
    And a watch.
    "The truth, my goal."

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