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    a laptop, a wooden christmas tree, a shit ton of papers and envelopes, a couple of books, a cataclysm game box, some earpohones, usb cables, a duct tape rose that one of my kids made, a couple of CDs, a pair of dice, some mancala beads that i stole from my kids kuz they look cool , candy wrappers, markers, pens, a dead lightbulb, my authenticator, flashlight, monitor, gameboy, a wooden box, a pack of gum, an old photo, name tag for work, lighter, pack of cards, and a bottle of asprin.

    I have lots of stuff here damn :<

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    Vanilla body spray
    travel mug

    various medications

    lots of empty glasses

    Colt 1911 .45 ACP

    empty beer bottles

    Various knives, my lighter and cigarettes, change, sunglasses tooth picks and my lip balm.

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    I have a 13 year old keyboard, a monitor, computer tower, mousepad (clicky), a can of soda, a camera, and my text books.
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    being at work... calendar.. note book, second monitor.. phone.. radio.. empty coffee cups.. stapler.. lunch gear.. pens.. calc.. organizational thingamajig

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    a pen, a glass of water, my Iphone and a notebook

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    Money, documents, lots of cds, books, some medicine, papers, pens and few old coins.

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    lube and toilet paper

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    Computer, monitor, binders full of files, htc evo 4g, duster, desk phone (i'm at the office), mug full of pens/pencils/ruler, tape, sample products, keys, scanner.

    And a few jelly beans.

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    2x Monitors, speakers, keyboard, mouse, phone, keys, wallet, iPod, several bottles of water, some old papers, empty popcorn-bag and the good old scandinavian SNUS <3

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    A box of tissues, some printing paper, cellphone charger, router, external hdd, a pen, some movie flyer. Duh.
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    Speakers, headset, monitor, an empty glass, HTC Desire, wallet, lip balm, and my roommates laptop

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    My laptop, two headsets, my wallet, a glass, a redbull can, chocholate, some paper, a bottle of soft drinks, my desktop + monitor + mouse + keyboard, authenticator, some screwdrivers.

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    lol here goes:

    • A1 Notepad
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Subwoofer
    • 5 speakers
    • Monitor
    • Printer
    • Xbox
    • 24" TV
    • Business books

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    -wacom tablet
    -plate of dishes
    MURLOCK figure

    F THA W!

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    Satsuma, Live Wasp, Nightmares

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    bunch of atm receipts
    blizzard athenticator
    2 remote controls (tv and digibox)
    bowl with cookies and chocolates
    tv guide
    keyboard, mouse, monitor, front speakers, router, usb device for id card

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    cd, notepad, phone, pen (3 even), remote control, lamp. keyboard, monitor, speakers, router, bottle of water, chocolade,Top Gear, mini basket and many other things but I'm too lazy to write it xP my desk is fairly big and cluttered ;D

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    -2 screens
    -Nostromo gamepad
    -notebook (a real one)
    -empty cans
    -remote for main screen
    -miniature sheep
    -3 authenticators 1 for wow and 2 for my bank accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabukage View Post
    A box of tissues, some printing paper, cellphone charger, router, external hdd, a pen, some movie flyer. Duh.
    I question why you have a box of tissues by your computer O.o

    My desk (at work):
    Calendar, Switch board phone, business card holder (multiple people), monitor, sticky pads, calculator, stapler, pens, letter opener, knife, staple puller, box of elastics, tape, white out, spare staples, paper clips, multiple usb cables for multiple phones, message book, a customers quote, can of coke, my blackberry, some random cell-phone batteries, and a bag of pistachio's.

    Thank god you didn't say in and around your desk because under my desk is probably a novel long of stuff. It's a cell phone treasure trove under here.
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    Lets see... (I'm at work so...) Pile of papers, phone, chicken noodle soup, sock, water bottle, ffxi ultimate collection, box, stapler, ipad, android phone, glasses case, starbucks double shot vanilla, data structures and algorithm analysis in C, coldfusion mx (lol don't ask)

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