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    New shadow priest after basic advice

    hello all
    i am new to the priest toon nomally i play mage/hunter. i am a casual player getting on in age (50) so it does not take too much to confuse me
    As a new priest currently lvl 16 i need some advice please on what my rotation/prioroty list is for tackling single targets etc, also what do i need to stack on gear etc spirit,haste,crit,intellect?
    priests name is badp on doomhammer lvl 16 not really worth looking at yet

    any info or low lvl guides appreciated.


    forgot to add i am playing shadow and have made worgen

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    When you're shadow your main stats are Haste and Intellect, and for your rotation; Keep dots up and Mind Blast on cooldown, when Mind Blast are on cooldown just throw mind flays

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    Look outside ur window, i derr?
    in lvl 16 it doesnt matter too much, this guy says it

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    Make sure you get the Spirit Tap glyph as soon as you hit 32. I haven't actually levelled a Priest at that level since TBC, so I don't know how bad the mana issues are, if any. Spec into Masochism at the first possible opportunity, and try to kill the mobs with the Shadow Word: Death to proc the glyph, I'dve thought.

    You probably just want to open with Shadow Word: Pain, Mind Flay, then Mind Blast at that level. Skip the SWP if the mob is dying quickly. If the mob has a lot of health, you can put Devouring Plague up too.

    If you find your mana is a problem before you get Shadow Word: Death, just get your hands on a good wand, SWP the mob, and wand it down.
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