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    Two Worlds 2 is really underrated RPG...

    I've finnally had some time to play it PC version, and its surpassed my expectations quite a bit. Let me first say its WAY better than the first. The intro story catches you from the start, fortunately or unfortunately the world opens up quite a bit afterward and it seems to be mostly in the intro and main parts of the questing i figure.

    The world IMO is what makes it really good. It feels lively. Mmore lively than Oblivion and DragonAge. Sometimes it feels a little like Assasins Creed but not to that level, sort of in between AC and Oblivion/DragonAge worlds. There were some moments where i really loved the view of graphics on my screen.

    The gameplay is similar to that of Oblivion and the combat does allow you to block and attack with different skill moves to lea,rn. My biggest criticism is the spell system however. Its confusing and overly complicated but apparently there are many possibilities within the spell system to create/discover cool spells. I still haven't gotten a grasp of the spell system but i've only played maybe 1/4 of the game so far. The movement and actual killling stuff surprisingly has a little bit of kite skill to it as a Mage. I can dodge some spells cast at me straffing and unload my nukes back at him or run kite nuke down targets. The problem is its not fluid imo, and feels sort of choppy, as well as the controls are a little odd with the spell system but i'm sure it can become comfortable after so long.

    The early part of the game the loot was incredibly boring but now that i've gotten a bit further its gotten way better. Theres a lot of minnigaming in this where lockpicking is done better than a lot of other games imo, not by a lot, but more straight forward with a little click skilll involved. You can also play dice which has a poker option that is a nice minigame to make money on the side.

    The Two Worlds world is pretty unique in a lot of ways, not necessarily all in good ways but at least its slightly different than your tyypical RPG. Spells are done with getting cards. You can disassemble and break down items for raw mats which you can then use to improve or create items. There is alchemy and all of that other trade skill stuff as well thats pretty straight forward.

    All in all i like it better than DragonAge so far at the very least, arguably as good as Oblivion. I personally think it is but i thought both of those games were overrated in some ways. DragonAge especially with too much npc dialogue and after the first playthru was extremely tedious with no desire whatsoever to ever play it again or go thru all of those NPC prgoressions. Oblivion seemed too drab and more empty to me compared to the Two Worlds universe. Two Worlds just seems a lot more lively, its hard to explain. I'm sure people will be skeptical with me comparing it to DragonAge and Oblivion and the way some people talk about those 2 games i can't guarantee it'll be as good for you as it is me, but like i said i had some MAJOR issues with the enjoyment of playing Dragonage especially vs a lot of other open world single player RPG's, and i've played them all. At the very least i'll say Two Worlds is a lot better than its review scores and if you're a die hard rpg player then i think you're missing out if you don't get a taste of the Two Worlds 2 world...

    In fact i think its one of the better rpg's i've played and thats in comparison to Oblivion/Dragonage/Risen/DivineDivinity2. If only the spelll system wasn't so stupid complicated...
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    i might give it a shot, depends on how far they got away from the craptastic first Two worlds.

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    Two worlds left a sour taste in my mouth. Not sure I will ever pick it up unless it got great reviews, which most TW2 reviews are kinda meh.

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    I don't know if I'd compare it to Elder Scrolls cause Morrowind and Oblivion are still better imo, BUT Two Worlds II is pretty good and engaging for what it is and I enjoy it till Skyrim comes out ;D

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    The first Two worlds was the shittest RPG i have ever played, if the second is anything like the first you can count me out.

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    It would be fantastic if it wasn't incredibly buggy.

    That said, the island with Asian architecture is beautiful. Comparing it to Elder Scrolls games though? Doesn't hold a candle. Games like Two Worlds are the filler content trash that tides me over between Elder Scrolls games. The Naxxramas between my Sunwell and Ulduar, if you will.

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    Mehh i hated the way magic items(charges are stupid imo) are done and create your own spelll gimmick in the Elder scrolls world plus every dungeon felt/looked the same in Oblivion. I just never gott that ominous or exploring feel from Oblivion dunngeons or exploring. Like i said tho i am an exception i guess since i thought Oblivion and especiaally Dragonage were extremely overrated while everone else seems to be in love with those 2 games. I think the world in Two Worlds 2 is bettter than both tbh it just feels more lively like i said kind of like Freelancer lively comparred to other space sims.

    I alsso didn't think the first Two Worlds was as horrible as others either. Anywayss i think the 2nd Two Worlds world is what i'm the most impressed with so far and its a lot better than most people will ever give it credit for especcially if they never play it.

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    A few problems with the first Two Worlds…

    1. The voice acting was done by the studio developers, and it really was abysmal hard to get into a game when everyone speaks like robots (you can tell they are reading from scripts)
    2. The controls are stupid and awkward.
    3. Combat is tricky it’s like playing Gothic 3 when it was first released.
    4. It was not interesting I’m a huge fan of RPG’s name it I’ve probably played it and completed it. I have Two worlds it had about 5 chances to interest me each time I would play for an hour then get bored. (where Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, Morrowind, Oblivion, Diablo, Fallout 1, 2, 3, Vegas, System Shock, Deus Ex, Knights of the old Republic, Mass Effect, The Witcher and EVEN Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines managed to hook me in for hours and keep me there, they were interesting in their own way.

    None of this does justice to the second one.

    The first Two Worlds was rubbish and if the second is anything like the first then I won’t touch it, I’m hoping you will say it’s not so I can give it a chance because it has potential don’t get me wrong it’s just all at the wrong angles.

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    I donn't know because i got different tastes than a lot of you guys here but it IS a lot better than the first. I kind of liked the firrst more than some of the games you mentoned tho and i got bored of it too pretty fast but ii do that with a lot of rpg's where the world becomess redundant and boring especially if things look the same. I won't say the first one was great but it was better than the terribleness some people act it was IMO. I've played much worse lets put it that way and my only BIG issue with the first was it became too easy especially when i could abuse some spellls when i got powerful. I remember tho that the early part of Two Worlds 1 was very boring and you had to get thru that initial part to enjoy the better parts but that was the same for Risen also. And again i see a lot of bad in Oblivion and especially DragonAge that most people don't seem to share :P I honestly thought DragonAge was a complete waste of money, and the addon packages i thought were a big sham. Its torture trying to play thru DragonAge again and even in my first play thru it felt extremely shortt if it weren't for npc dialogues. Even in hindsightt there were a lot less locations to visit in Dragonage than you'd initially think from the blank map. Oblivion felt so dead/empty and drab to me. Honeestly the only rpg i've thought met its high ratings hype was Mass Efffect 2 of recent RPG's....i mean Risen wasn't too bad but it got boring after so long.

    That said i think most people who like rpg's will really enjoy Two Worlds 2 sincee you won't expect the world to be as nice/neat as it is IMO. I also think the killing is a bit challenging but its also sort of choppy then again i'm playing a Mage and many ypeople are having problems as spell casters due to the confusing spell system. I'm a sucker for new rpg's though and mostly because i love new worlds to explore that give me that adventuring don't know whats around the corner feel especially when there are a lot of treasure chests to loot that doesn't spoill you.

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    I got to play for a pretty long session last night and i just wanted to say the magic system isn't that bad. Initially i just didn't have enough spell cards but now that i do i'm enjoying the creativity of mixing cards around and creating effects. For example early on i could only make a single target fire nuke with 2 cards. I added a 'spray' card and it caused the nuke to split into 3 nukes then i added a 'deflection' card and it caused the nukes to sometimjes bounce off the enemy and hit adjacent ones. So now that single target nuke is a splitting into 3 targets nuke that bounces. Its not as complicating as it seems once you have the variety of cards you need. Unfortunately its difficult to raise the money if you disassemble stuff early on instead of sell it all so i sort of cheated in saving games playing dice poker to get the money to afford them. I'm sure i could have raised a good amount selling my loot but by the point i realized i needed money it was too late.

    Also i'll go on record as saying Two Worlds 2 IS amazing. Yes i said it and last night as i played while wondering if i'm the only one that could think that, but then i'm looking at these npc's interact, me bumping into them, eetc.. and it is clearly a more lively world than most rpg's i've played. I've gotten pretty used to the controls of using multiples of abilities and it definitely works once you get familiar with cycliung thru the number buttons. The big thing i wanted to add here is its a lot more like Oblivion than the first one. To me this has been one of my favorite single player rpg's i've played ini a LONG time and i don't say that lightly.
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    Alright you have sold it to me i'm willing to give it a go, because it does sound like fun and nothing like the first one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    It would be fantastic if it wasn't incredibly buggy.

    That said, the island with Asian architecture is beautiful. Comparing it to Elder Scrolls games though? Doesn't hold a candle. Games like Two Worlds are the filler content trash that tides me over between Elder Scrolls games. The Naxxramas between my Sunwell and Ulduar, if you will.
    A very shallow veiwpoint, Two Worlds 2 was the only game that led to practicle and useful spells being made in it's spell creator, not to mention hilarious.

    Adding magic arrow to summon creature to poison makes you fire tiny spiders!

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    I like the vastness in Two Worlds 2, and the amount of quests.
    But combat man, combat... The melee animations are horrible, they seem like something from 10 years ago. And the melee attack chains are wierd, I don't know what triggers my combo to progress further, I really don't. I just spam left mouse.
    I like how blood is spilled though. And the spellcrafting is fantastic.
    But still, I regret, just a little, that I bought this game.

    Not to mention online play is filled with ze germans on EU server and there are zero lowbie adventures.
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    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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    ivv played worse for sure...i just cant figure out how to lower my wanted level with the town guards because i might have possibly gone through some wardrobes and chests that may not have belonged to me

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    I bought TW1 and... yeah. Apart from bringing me back to the old Batman series with mr James Bond (Roger More?) whenever I fought someone, the story was bad, graphics sucked and voice acting was overall atrocious. Couldn't bring myself to play past the first three hours.

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    i played Two words 2 when it was released here in Germany... The magic system was not balanced and there were some major issues, especially in MP.

    After some Patches it has gotten quite Better, at least.

    Clarification on "not balanced" in regard of the Magic system:
    There were soem Magics totally overpowered, some were utterly weak compared to their cost, and some were simply too expensive to use unless lvl 50+ and then it was a one cast only
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    According to game magazines, 2 Worlds 2 () is teh poop. 7/10, mediocre.
    Because all those 9/10 games like Kane and Lynch are really blockbuster games that you must buy. sometimes Mediocre can be ten times better than blockbuster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chomag View Post
    According to game magazines, 2 Worlds 2 () is teh poop. 7/10, mediocre.

    Some of those reviews are awful tho, especially the IGN one. I don't even think they played it since they complained about the graphics and acted like it was a dead world, when IMO it looks better than most recent rpgs in a lot of ways and feels more lively in the towns at least. Granted you can't talk to every npc but thats overrated tedious anyways.

    I just think Oblivion and DragonAge getting the ridiculous amount of praise and 9-10 scores they get, and then to rate Two Worlds 2 a 6/7 is some awful sense of gaming reviews. I mean i'm having more fun in Two Worlds 2 right now than i did in DragonAge at the least :P whatever tho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanksin the enhance shamy View Post
    ivv played worse for sure...i just cant figure out how to lower my wanted level with the town guards because i might have possibly gone through some wardrobes and chests that may not have belonged to me
    I got some nice loot robbing houses but i didn't notice a rep hit. Are guards attacking you? I've even been caught trying to break into houses a LOT or even getting into them with people in there where they tell me to leave, are you sure these things give rep hits? i'm just not noticing it

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    I have to agree with the OP, this game is brilliant! I really enjoyed the story and there plenty of humour in the game but the strongest point is perhaps the feeling. The world is alive, detailed and beautiful, you get interested in the characters, in the story and just have to play one more hour, that is a good sign!

    I personally love the magic system, it lets you be creative and it is different in a good way.

    + Beautiful world
    + Nice story
    + Great magic system
    + Lot of good ideas, like you can break down armours to make new ones
    + Music is great
    + You experience those "Wow!" moments

    - Some animations are chunky
    - Some voice acting isn't good

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    I liked 1, but never managed to finish it. Same happened with 2 :P Need to give it another try.

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    just curious Tocc but did you ever buy this? or did anyone else from this thread, and what is your opinions if you did so far?

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