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    Better neck piece?

    Also which neckpiece is better, Tauntka's necklace(+168 int +252 stam +112 haste, +112 crit) or lightning flash pendant(+286 stam, +190 int,+127 crit , +127 mastery)?

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    Kinda hard to tell when there is no spec, armory, or any kind of gear level provided...

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    2nd one is my bet, more of the primary stats=higher item lvl, higher item lvl=better gear, GENERALLY
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    First of all.. Next time you post, OP, please provide us with some information!
    Second, the above poster is right. Go for Lightning Flash Pendant..
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    Get the one with the most int always, reforge other stats if you have to.

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    Now we can reforge all gear is almost more or less the same. Purple it and gg.

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    Int is king. The extra weight of the int *almost* always wins out even if secondary stats aren't ideal.

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