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    healing suggestion

    So I hit lvl85 on my priest on the weekend and my plan all along was to heal. Now that I'm here, there were all kinds of changes with the patch and I'm looking for some advice.

    I am currently Holy, and just recently able to get into heroics with my friend tanking. I am having alot of mana issues on boss fights, often going oom and having to pop all cooldowns just to make it through. Is this normal for a priest new to Heroic healing? Also, my second question would be, would healing as Disc be easier? or would it be harder on my mana issues. I'm assuming as I get better gear these issues will be lessened.

    Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    It's both gear and maybe lack of practice. I rarely drop below 90% in a heroic nowadays.
    Make sure you use plenty of CC, as some packs of mobs will do massive amounts of damage if left unchecked, forcing you to spam expensive heals.

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    You'll be drinking a lot and spamming CDs early on in heroics as you lack the throughput and regen to just power through them. It gets a lot better with gear.

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    It gets better with gear, starting out you want to head-desk in every run wondering how you could ever keep a whole raid alive yourself without dropping below 90%

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    Get gear with spirit. Try to make every piece have it. Reforge if you need to. Spirit is key to early heroic action.

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    Thank-you for the replies. Yeah I am busting all my cooldowns during boss fights and just barely getting through. And all my gear has spirit now, just replaced my last ilvl333 caster piece today.

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    When I was grinding though heroics, the first pieces I got HAD to have spirit on them. It was mandatory. Once I was more comfortable in my healing and with the dungeons, I traded them out for other loot that was better for the slot.

    I also did pre-raid content as disc rather than holy just because of the way I played. As holy, I'd always go oom wayyyy fast, but as disc, my mana never dipped below ~40%. Of course, this was before the mana cost increase for PW: Shield, but I still think disc would be much easier at first.

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    Depends on your group. When I started doing HCs in ilvl 325 gear, I was doing quite alright. Your tank needs to use his cooldowns, mobs need to be CCed and dps need to avoid avoidable damage. This, coupled with you knowing how to play your class, should lead to no one dying and you only having to drink after bosses.

    Some advice:
    * Stay in chakra: serenity. Chakra: sanctuary is awesome, but you shouldn't be using aoe all that much in heroics and in the few situations you do, you can do it while in chakra: serenity.
    * Play as a tank healer, use a tank rotation. Use holy word serenity on cooldown. Spam heal on tank at all times. Keep renew rolling on tank (auto re-applied with heal). If tank goes very low, use two flash heals and one Gheal, other than that, always rely on your heal spamming to bring them up. Most fights in HCs, you should be able to beat by just spamming heal and serenity, if your group is good.
    * If a dps takes damage, put renew on him as well and spam heal on both, a single holy priest can keep at least 3, probably 4 renews rolling for free by just spamming them with heal. Only use circle of healing if at least 3 people are damaged, if you need more, use prayer of healing. If there's consistent damage to the whole group, use prayer of mending on cooldown.
    * You WILL need to use shadowfiend and hymn of hope on bosses unless the group is awesome. Use them at the same time when you have a situation during a boss where you can stand still and not heal.
    * If a dps can't be bothered to move out of fire, let them die. You know you have mana issues, there's nothing wrong with letting a dps die if they are taking constant damage. There's almost no unavoidable raid damage in dungeons.
    * Keep recount up. Make sure people interrupt correctly.

    Unlike the above poster, I recommend following elitist jerks recommendations for gear: ONLY GET SPIRIT GEAR. If it doesn't have spirit as a secondary stat, you can just as well pass on it unless it's a big upgrade which can be decently reforged. Of course, trinkets with int and some form of regen use/equip ability work great as well. In full HC gear with spirit, you get like... 2300 spirit just from the gear, which is great, makes it MUCH easier to deal with bad groups.
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    The heroics that I ran when I just levelled to 85 were between very hard and insanely hard. But don't fear that! It helped me getting to know the way Cata-healing is done and actually succeeding. If you know what to do and when, then gear won't be an issue in 5-man heroics.

    I just noticed that this thread is 2 weeks old. How are you feeling about healing now that you have better gear?

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