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    While walking through knocked out persons and broken tavern stuff valine walks to the bar again and looks over it. and sees the barkeeper hiding under the bar with different bottles of drink. " excuse me but i want to order another drink "

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    Shujaa had trouble interpreting the note at first, she closed one of her eyes to focus properly. She was clearly still affected by the alchohol, but not nearly as much as she had been with Ulay. She suddenly was curious to see if he was still left, and what he was up to. Shujaa figured she should keep an eye on him too. She was not finished with him, not at all.
    When Shujaa read the note, she was moved by it. Thorn had only tried to protect her. How strange, this creature was indeed quite peculiar.

    "Oh Thorn, ya don' understand. Dat troll's called Ulay, he's my friend. Just like you. But Ulay's...he strange. He means nuttin' bad. We were playin' aroun, just for fun. Ya got him angry thou. But don' worry, I'll protect ya. Just keep ya'r distance, mkay?"

    Shujaa paused and shot a glance over her shoulder to see if Ulay was still left. He was still up there by the roof of the first floor, watching them. She looked back at Thorn again, and spoke.

    "Can ya forget about Ulay den? It's fine, I am fine. Okay, Thorn?"

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    As Shujaa spoke, Thorn, once again, was caught by complete lack of understanding. It was so strange the way they acted and percieved each other. Almost like animals. Thorn was slightly disgusted by it, as she started writing another note. 'If violence and terror is a part of fun and friendship, I wish not to be called friend.' A bit further down the note a ps was added: 'What is your name, Troll?' The dull look in Thorn's eyes made it extremely clear, that she saw the way they behaved as questionable.
    Thorn didn't understand. The irony, the fun, the thrill of the game. It was all just actions to Thorn. Actions that seemed pointless and aggressive. Aggressive to a point where she considered it brutal.

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    Shujaa chuckled and rolled her eyes slightly. Thorn had managed to dismiss her and still ask for her name on one note.

    "Oh Thorn, Ulay and me are no friends like ya and me. I never hurt dem, if dey don' ask me to."

    Shujaa paused for a second when she realized the hint would probably be taken the wrong way by Thorn.

    "But na, I never hurt ya Thorn. I promise. I play games with some, but not with ya hon. Oh and, name's Shujaa!"

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    Thorn didn't really respond anymore to Shujaa. It was quite clear the undead didn't quite understand. Thorn had stolen from Shujaa, destroyed what was, apparently, a barbaric game, and scared away one of her 'friends.' It was all too strange to understand. The reptile eyes were watching Shujaa as if trying to determine wheter the troll was a real living being or not. Sure, Thorn knew that Trolls were a bit special, yet this was way out of hand.

    Shaking her head, Thorn was simply unable to understand...

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    "Yer shakin ya head, I see. Well, Thorn my dear, perhaps ya haven't met many like me before, but dat's just me. So tell me, what'cha up to for fun? When ya don' steal, dat is."

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    Thorn strecthed slightly, bending her head a bit to the side. The body language of Thorn was pretty saying, as in that right now she wasn't very interested in speaking with the troll in front of her. Even so, there was a light curiousity to be found in Thorn's eyes. What Thorn would be doing for fun...?

    Thorn had an expression of thoughtfulness. It was clear that Thorn was attempting to find something that she was actually doing for herself. There didn't seem to be any though. In the end the yellow eyes returned to Shujaa. Thorn but her lips and shrugged questioningly.

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    Shujaa's eyes widened when she noticed the forsaken having to think carefully in order to respond. Did it really not know how to have fun? Shujaa was overwhelmed when Thorn found it so hard to respond. She felt the sudden need to embrace the forsaken. Why was it this way, why was Thorn so...oblivious to anything but killing?

    "Thorn hon, please tell me, who are ya? Where do ya come from? I need to know."

    When Shujaa spoke the words she knew them to be true. She truly needed to know more about the creature to find any rest this night.

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    As the evening carried on, a Gnome entered the Tavern. A Gnome who by the looks of it, is most definitely a Tinkerer.
    Taking note of what seemed to have been a bar fight, he was cautious not to step on anyone as he approached the bar.

    "Hello Barkeep, I'll have my usual." the gnome squeaked.
    "Wait, have I been here before? Do I have a usual?"
    He examined the tavern. The gnome then quickly reached into his pockets for a brief moment and removed what looked like a remote. With the press of a few buttons the Gnome seemed to be reading something on the inside of his goggles as he continued to examine the room.

    "Oh, yes of course" He said as he realized he had forgotten to place his drink order. "I'll have an Ice Cold Milk if you don't mind."
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    It was a low sigh that seemed to leave Thorn, as the pen started to violate the paper with ink. The undead was writing fast, yet the expression she was writing with seemed to have saddened. This wasn't anything Thorn was happy with at all. Yet, she complied with the request as the note was being filled extremely fast.

    What came out wasn't actually written text, as much as it was a few sketches. The first sketch showed a doctor standing in front of a stand. Under it a short statement was assisting the sketch, making it understandable. 'Here I was created'
    The second sketch was that of an undead scourge commander, standing in front of a group of geists. There was a circle around the commander, with a line leading down to the second statement. This was my task, my pledge.
    The third sketch showed what looked like a town. Underneath it the statement here was probably one of the scariest. 'This was what I was supposed to take for the scourge. I was created to kill, to murder, to molest. That is all I can do.'

    The last was but a minor notion for Shujaa to read. 'I'm moving alone. Always alone. I do what I please, and I suppose that is what I like to do.'

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    Shujaa looked down at the drawing that Thorn had created. She was appalled by them, and she finally understood why Thorn was the way it was. The creature was indeed a construct, made by a doctor Shujaa guessed to be part of the Scourge. Looking at the other drawings, the pieces finally fell together. It was no wonder. No wonder, when the nimble looking construct in front of her had been created artificially only to kill, torture and destroy. It was not a life, it was a tragedy. Shujaa felt the sudden need to embrace Thorn and take care of the undead. It was all alone, this could not go on. Something had to be done. Shujaa grabbed both of Thorn's hands and squeezed them tightly. She then pulled the construct to her, leaning Thorn's head on Shujaa's shoulder and began rocking Thorn back and forth. Shujaa did not care if Thorn didn't get it, it was just as much of a comfort for Shujaa as it was supposed to be comfort for Thorn.

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    ((Nice entrance Jack. smiled IRL. ))

    Since more and more of Thorn and Shujaa's conversation now happened per paper and the Salty Sailor had started to calm down again, Ulay decided he would try to get down into the bar room again. He slipped out of the chestpiece of his armor and stabbed his Kukris into the woodwork to hang it. He spat out the rest of the medicinal plants he chewed and smeared their remains over his wound. Ulay slowly slid down the woodwork and aproached Thorn and Shujaa, his hands in the air showing Thorn that he was unarmed. And while still watching Thorn he addressed Shujaa.

    "So, You do realize she is no simple walking dead do you?"

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    Shujaa jumped at the recognition of Ulay's voice. Well well, he had dared to climb down after all. Shujaa still held on to Thorn, which might be a good thing if Thorn was afraid of Ulay. Perhaps, if Shujaa got lucky, they actually could make peace. Shujaa turned around and looked at Ulay, the curious expression on his face was quite attractive.

    "I must admit that I haven't met many constructs before. I had my suspicions, but it's very different to actually see it like this." Shujaa nodded at the drawings. "It's easy to understand why Thorn is like this. This forsaken does not need more violence. It needs safety and comfort. Please, Ulay."

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    Ulay looked at thorn.

    "She is a disgrace. She was made to live by tearing a soul over the crossroads against it's will. It would be a service to Bwonsamdi if we killed her right away."

    Ulay's eyes narrowed as he spoke of killing her but the look in thorn's eyes was not as empty as he suspected.

    "But this sin was not committed by her. And I think the soul fragment inside her could be conscious"

    Ulay looked at Thorn with a mixture of curiosity and disgust. He was reminded of Jin'do's risen dead, but Thorn was not like that. She was different in many ways, but he could not put his finger on it.

    "She's not to blame for what she did. And she needs help. But what can we do?"

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    The appalement was white in the head of Shujaa, quite as Thorn had expected. On the inside, it made the construct smile for unknown reasons even to herself. Thats when the strangeness of this Troll took new heights. The fact that Thorn did not understand what was going on was clear, as what was displayed in her eyes was that of surprise. Thorn wasn't large at all, she was even smaller than the regular female human. Thats why it looked quite commical when the, compared to Thorn, huge troll closed her arms around the little undead. Shaking her head, the eyes quickly turned more offensive as she stared at Ulay..

    What was this for bullshit?! They were now talking behind her back while she was standing there. Yes, Thorn might be a construct, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't know what they'd be discussing.
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    Shujaa loosened her grip around Thorn to be able to get a proper look at Ulay. He was standing in a shadowy part of the bar, she had not been able to see much more than his face while embracing Thorn. Now when Shujaa was only holding on to Thorn's hands she could swing around on her chair properly. Ulay had taken off his chestpiece, reviling his entire tattooed torso. My oh my... Even though Shujaa was completely focused on Thorn right now, she could not help but let her mind wander for a second. Ulay was not going anywhere tonight without her.

    "You are completely right, Ulay. She is not to blame for what they have done to her. But look at her, she is confused and torn. She has managed to separate herself from the evils of her past, and she still has the chance to change. I agree with you Ulay, we need to do something. My first suggestion, you two make peace."

    Shujaa eyes Ulay up and down very briefly one more time before she turned back to Thorn.

    "Thorn hon, Ulay's not here to hurt ya. May he sit down?"

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    The barkeep looked up at Valine while downing a bottle. After a last huge gulp, and a very loud burp, the barkeeps face formed a blank stare. When a few awkward moments had passed the lights seemed to return to his eyes and he hopped back up on his feet. "What'll the pretty las be havin?"

    While he waited for Valine to choose he grabbed a bottle of milk that had been sitting on ice and poured a glass for the gnome. "After today milk should be the usual fer all landlubers!"He said as he passed the glass.

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    "Ah! Thank you very much sir, mother always said, if you want to grow big and strong like a dwarf, to drink your milk!" the gnome said with a smile as he lifted his goggles.
    The gnome took the glass and climbed up onto a stool at the bar. "scootch scootch scootch" He muttered to himself. After a few seconds of movement the gnome settled in.

    "You wouldn't happen to know a Goblin named Finkle would you? I'm trying to get a hold of some gunpowder he has for me." The gnome looked around the tavern to see if anyone had overheard, but everyone seemed to be busy with their own business. "No, it would seem not."

    The gnome moved his hands to his belt and flicked a switch. With a whir and a buzz his belt dispensed some chocolate chip cookies. He removed one and dunked it into his milk.

    "Oh, you don't mind if I eat these in here do you?" He asked the barkeeper quizzically.
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    "I think I will stay here, Shujaa. Thorn wanted to kill me till very recently and I don't think whoever made her wanted her to know what making peace of forgiving someone means."

    The troll clenched the fist of his injured arm. He slowly regained his feeling in it again.

    "But they sure taught her what a good poison is."

    Ulay smiled at Thorn. Then he talked to her in common.

    "I will not 'arm you anymore, an I hope you won' attack me either 'kay? I will stay ovah ere."

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    valine drops some coins before the barkeep on the floor. " i dont want what is it must be something with alcohol in it " she smiles and looks to the status of the tavern. " Seems they stopped with fighting " she laughs and wait on her drink.

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