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    Ami's tears began to subside as she dabbed at her eyes with the silken handkerchief. "That is indeed a heart aching incident, it appears I am not the only one with a troublesome past. I'm sorry, I am listening, please continue." Throwing the remainder of the mead down her throat to quell the fires of emotion she made the effort to look interested so not to come across rude.

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    Ralof knew that he had to tie the story up and add his personal warnings in it, before she lost interest in his little story. So he continued "Well then.. In the end, they managed to recover their brother and save him from the corruption, but that costed the life of the beautiful princess.. A cost that the Duke would never have wanted to pay. It pierced his heart and left him bleeding, not by physical means but soul and mind. Because he risked his life to save someone willingly, and in return that very person had to pay the price for his well being." At this point, it was almost obvious that Ralof was talking about his own feelings. He slowed down and took a deep breath, then chewed on some fruit and continued "Look miss, i don't know you, but i do know your pain. Most of the people who habits this world that we live in share some kind of similar agony: Everyone has lost someone dear to them, this or that way.. Imagine what our world would look like if everyone with such a pain tried to bring back their loved ones. It is not part of our bargain but let me tell you my advice: Stay away from such powers. They only bring forth even more pain and suffering upon those that dwell on it. Accept the fact that Elyas is gone, and move on. There is only one truth to this world: Death. Trying to defy the truth will only bring you more suffering, nothing more. You can never bring back the Elyas you know, even if you manage to resurrect him in a way, he will be someone else.. Or something else..". He looked Ami in the eye as he finished his words. "If that does not convince her, i don't know what will.." he thought, as he landed some coins on the empty platter of fruits.

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    Ami paused, staring hard into Ralof's eyes, desperately trying to pull together a reason, an excuse, anything to disagree. In her heart she knew, she knew he was not coming back and she knew that she had to let him go, she just did not have the strength to accept it yet. "I don't... but maybe if...." She sighed, all emotion left her voice "I didn't give him a proper send off... I had it in my mind that he didn't need one because I was going to see him again, I..." There was a long silence before she nervously breathed "I know it's crazy but... would you, would you come with me? I don't think I could face it alone, if there was someone there while I said a few words I'd feel much more at ease..." As if realising how peculiar a request, she hastily added "But i'd understand if not, It is a large ask."

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    Ralof's eyes shined as Ami poured her words. He was relieved to hear that his words actually did effect her. "I must disagree. I think you can very well face it alone. You are already strong enough to carry this burden with you after so much time, instead of letting it go. That must be harder than facing the truth.." he replied in an encouraging tone. He looked around for a moment and then added "Yet, it would be my honor to accompany you, if you wish so.", bowing graciously. He rose up in a cheerful manner and said "And you call this crazy? You should have seen some of the stuff i saw, miss. A trip to Redridge is nothing but mundane for me. And i would never miss a chance to ride my Highlander with such a beautiful young woman on tow.". He smiled happily and added "Whenever you want to leave."

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    "At dawn!" Ami annouced as she too rose from her chair. Her colour and flare had returned. She had found a new motivation to carry on, thanks to the meeting of a stranger in a tavern, of all the places. She would not mourn his passing in sorrow, she would celebrate the love she had for him and the good times they had shared. She removed a handful of gold coins from her pouch and tossed them at the barkeep "A bed for the night please!" She bellowed across the room, to which was replied with a nod and a grumble. Smiling, she turned back to Ralof "Thank you so much, kind sir, it really does mean so much to me. I had better rest to clear my head before attempting to travel, I shall see you soon" She gave him one last smile before heading for the stairs.

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    Ralof nodded as she moved upstairs. "Better prepare for the journey then. I was getting itchy by sitting here idly anyway.. I shall check my gear and my horse.." he murmured as he moved towards the tavern door, to go to the stables.

    (( What do you have in mind? A private or closed/open rp? Please let me know. ))

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    (( I've never done anything like that before and I don't really have the time to any day soon but I'll pm you if I ever wish to further it ))

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    The Tavern door swung up and the blinding light filled the first floor of the Tavern. In the doorway stood a green Orc with sapphire blue eyes, she looked around with a investigating look and a little smile on her face. When she had checked out all the characters in the tavern she walked up to the bar and asked:

    "I don't presume you have any Jungle river water or Brewdoo magic down there?"

    She gazed around the room and kept an eye on the door, just in case any of the Kor'kron should happen to venture to Booty bay.

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    (So this has seemed to of died out O_o, but I am slightly interested in getting into this forum RP even though I normally just stick to WoW MMO~. I will -within this week- post up on here a couple times after creating a proper Bio and crap for my Character!)

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    Opening the tavern doors were two brightly glowing hands of a Sin'dorei who had seem to have a odd sense of fashion; wearing a light blue 'jump suit' of sorts and golden embroidery boots on brown leather that seemed to jump out at you with it's mystical design. Seeming to be moving with a purpose as his arms swing back and forth, trotting right to the bar before knocking on the bar table with his knuckles three times.

    "I heard that people usually come to this bar to loosen up and get drunk, so how come my clothes are still tied on and my lips still dry with air!?"

    Chuckling lightly from his own antics as he looked around anticipating a barkeep to come up and serve him... or kick him out.

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    The sudden sound of the tavern door swinging open startled Darren in his seat. The young wizard, drunk and groggy, jumped at the noise. He lifted his gaze and rubbed the haze from his eyes. Oh man, he thought, that's the last time I drink that much... He looked around and observed his surroundings. All was as it was; patrons spoke to one another over drinks, some in hushed tones, others more excitedly. He brushed back his medium-length, wavy brown hair and blinked a few times. Two new people had entered the tavern since he'd passed out: a female orc and a blood elf dressed rather... interestingly.
    Darren blinked again, rubbed his eyes once more and glanced at the table. His last drink sat unfinished. He picked up the mug, swirled its contents for a moment then set it down and pushed it aside with an expression of disgust.
    For a second Darren contemplated getting up and ordering something softer, then dismissed the idea. I don't trust myself on my feet right now. He concentrated, but found that his casting abilities were... hampered somewhat by the alcohol.
    "Dammit," he murmured, his words slurred. He shook his head and rubbed his eyes with his knuckles again. He heard the blood elf speaking to no one in particular, but all he caught was something about the elf's clothes still being on.
    Rolling his eyes, he glanced at the elf. The haze had nearly dissipated from his vision, and he got a good look at the tavern's newest patron. All about the style, this one, the wizard thought to himself, a smirk starting to spread across his face. He turned his gaze back to the table until he trusted himself to keep a straight face. He looked around the tavern until he spotted the orc, then found himself staring at her bright sapphire eyes. He blinked a few times just to make sure he wasn't seeing things' an orc with blue eyes? How rare was this among their kind? Suddenly intrigued despite the toll the alcohol had had on him, Darren looked at her in curiosity.
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    Pursing his lips and snorting with the scrunching up of his nose before shaking his head like a bull to charge headlong into his next victim to impale, or close to it... Cent' glances about and his eyes catch both the Human and the Orc. He takes a quick glance to look over what he could see of the man's features before catching on to where he brought his eyes upon. Soon, he too looks to the Orc but eyed more than -just- her eyes... opening his mouth to lick his canine along the left side and reaching up with both hands to straighten out his blue suit before walking over... to the Human. Speaking in Common in a low tone:

    "Don't see that everyday... Right? Not to bad really, either, as those Orc's are just as strong as any Warrior usually but have such a... -decent- shape to them; even if that shape is a little bit too geometrically sound."

    Shrugging and already making himself at home with a seat across from the Human with his arms stretched out above his head and hands coming to rest behind his ponytail tied together with a red lace.

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    The barkeep suddenly realised he hadn't closed the bar in five months and set about clearing out the hanger ons so he could have a few days off and replenish his stock and get some delicious new cask ales on the go.

    A week later the Tavern reopened, an hour after sunrise.

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    A very small women enters the tavern, the things which would stand out the most would be her two puffy pony tails on either side of her head, a deep cutting noise follows her as she drags a sword along with her, it looks old and not very well looked after. When the lady reaches the bar she drops her sword and climbs up into a stool. From this distance her eyes clearly have dark circles around them and her face looks as though is had never been washed. The Gnomes chain mail chest armour was being held together by a few, still intact links, the others were broken, bent or completely missing leaving the dark redy green shirt underneath visible and it was clear that she had been beaten quite badly "How much for..." she goes silent for a moment and narrows her eyes, thinking of her words "a room... With a bed.. A big bed.."

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    A man dressed in a long white and grey robe with a few golden seams decorating it enters the tavern. With his robes hood pulled up and the collar on it reaching up to his nose the majority of his face is covered. As he makes his way through the room towards the bar he pulls the robes collar down from his face revealing an elderly, pale and tired face decorated with a short grey beard, though between the wrinkles two piercing light green eyes look out taking in everything that happens in their field of vision.

    The man takes note of the gnome already sitting at the bar, his gaze drifts over the sword that lies next to the gnome it seems awfully big for someone of that stature. As he reaches the bar he takes notice of the preoccipied bartender and assumes the gnome is aswell waiting for his services. From the protection of his hood the man glances over at the gnome, from what he can tell she seems very worn down and her equipment seems to be in a similar poor state.

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    A dwarf with shoulder length black hair,with a black beard and a scar just above his left eye ,he is dressed in plate mail just recently polished, an axe at his waist, and a shield on his back with a picture of a stonefist in the center.

    He enters the tavern and slowly makes his way to the bar, checking out the company, he was pleased to see a gnome here, and by the looks of it, and a mysterious
    looking man in robes, both of them waiting to be served by the barkeep. He walks over and pulls up a stool next to the gnome. Good day to yer miss

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    The gnome taps her fingers against the table in a fast pattern, with a sighful moan to turns around on the stool. Her hand quickly comes to her ribs as she grants, a curse quickly follows. Her amber eyes quickly shoot up to meet the elderly man's at a moments notice. Her eyes give his whole body a quick scan, taking his figure in. She first noticed how green his eyes were, maybe tainted by fel, she threw that thought away when examining his pure looking robes. Rich? Maybe but shouldn't assume. She notes the wrinkles, remembering a saying *with age comes wisdom, but also power*. She decided after her long treck it would be nice to just relax so she smiled gently "hello" she said with a squeaky voice and a nod. She noticed the dwarf and nodded at him to, giggles alittle as she did "I like your beard sir".
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    The turned towards the gnome putting one of his arms against the bar for support as he lean against it, a faint smile appearing on his face as he responds. Greetings young miss. As he now stands looking directly at the gnome he can clearly see her damaged armor and the dark circles under her eyes. Thanks for the compliment, I do take every opportunity I can to ensure it stays well groomed. His other unoccupied arm reaches up and its finger tips travel lightly through his well kept grey beard. As the dwarf who entered after him makes his way towards the bar he gives him an acknowledging nod as a greeting. The man notes that unlike the gnome he has what looks like a well polished armor.

    The man turns his attention back towards the worn out gnome, still keeping that little faint smile on his lips. May I be as crude to ask why one such as you are in such a poor state? It would appear as if you have just recently been through a battlefield. I do hope your not been hurt young miss.

    ((A shame to hear Madgod but oh well))

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    The gnome's smile fades and she sighs well, have you ever been punched by a tauren who's fist is the size of half of your body? she said, still holding her ribs. Then it went through some bushes, off a cliff, which caught my armour, leaving it in this sorry state... Landed in a lake and just about managed to get out alive... I'm shocked I'm here I all honesty she started down at her sword, her eyes focused on it in a sorrowful look. With a deep sigh and wipe of her eyes she looked back at the man. sorry, I haven't introduced myself... I'm Lecina Steelcog she said with a small tired smile

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