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    Lifegrip tooltip needs to be updated

    I am sure this has already been reported by most priests but for those who don't know the new Cata spell for priests "Lifegrip" is affected by a bug where the name does not show up correctly. As any priests know this new spell is extremely powerful and is the healing/friendly target equivalent of the DK spell "Deathgrip" - Blizzard cleverly used the same "grip" terminology because the effect is so similar - Deathgrip grabs enemies and brings them closer, Lifegrip does the same but with friendly targets. So just to ensure this bug fix is registered correctly the tooltip should read:

    13% of base mana 40 yd range
    1.5 min cooldown
    You pull the spirit of the friendly party or raid target to you, instantly moving them directly in front of you.

    PS hilariously the bug name shows up as a "Leap" but there is no Leap involved the target is clearly "gripped".

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    The spell is called Leap of Faith, not Lifegrip.
    If you so desperately want it to be called Lifegrip, make a macro called Lifegrip..

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    Is this a troll? :c

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    Ambiguous troll is Ambiguous?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nielah View Post
    Is this a troll? :c
    oh sheit ive been trolleed again?

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    "Heroic Leap" that is a leap

    "Demonic Leap" that is also a Leap. Lifegrip is clearly the friendly target equivalent of "Deathgrip"

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    Personally i think it should be the other way around, rather than we DRAGGING people to US, WE LEAP to THEM, or if you would "cast" it on yourself but had a member as a target i suppose (alt click anyone?) would make more sense that way, anyhow obvious troll is obvious.
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    actually i just thought it was a humorous way of suggesting there was a more appropriate name.......

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    for a spell called "Leap of Faith" I agree we should jump to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nielah View Post
    Is this a troll? :c
    No, this is a new poster's attempt at being witty.

    And just to clarify, this is a thread lock.
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