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    My Troll rogue is called Bhyndya, pure awesomeness !
    "You can't call yourself a seasoned adventurer until you've spent some time killing rats! Haw!"

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    I made a human female rogue and called her 'Stabface' :/

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    My rogue's named Villain. Not sure how that wasn't taken, but then again, he was my first toon back in Vanilla.

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    My rogue's name is Insane.

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    I still think the best rogue name is: Ooo

    Sort of sums up the emotion of the character taken roughly from behind.

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    Trotac ofcourse, cz it's my rogues name ^^

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    Mine is named Goat.

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    Mines called subtly, pretty self explanatory

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    Whispyr would be a cool rogue pvp name.

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    name stálker, guild name the Prostitude hider

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    get it, the makeup, and it's a girl..

    heh heh...uhh...

    yea I suck at this go with Raka's on the first page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broods View Post
    Pick any combination of these words: Shadow, dark, killer, assasin, death, stalker, stab and you will be AWESOME and cool. People will look at your name and think "WOW that dude is a total badass"


    dont ninja my name

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    Are you planning on Combat, Subtlety, or Assassination?
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Having fantasy is pretty sick. Honest

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    The more i see this post the better the name 'Sick' looks to me....

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    Well there's "Moulin" for those out there that keep on calling us "rouges". If you want to be all venom/poison maybe a snake name like Krait, Taipan etc and if all else fails the good ol' "Udrougedk"/"humanrougedk".

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    When I try to come up with names to my characters but it just stands still, I visit this site:

    Ok lets see here.. Rogues are like shadows, so lets enter the "Shadow"-section.
    Female: # ZILLA: Variant spelling of English Zillah, meaning "shade, shadow." for an example

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
    i remembered when they first announced wc3 and showed rifle wielding dwarves, walking cows, and night elves and said to myself wtf are these, this isn't the warcraft I knew and like because wc2 was very dnd and tolkien so I /hate, and then I opened up my mind and accepted the changes and wc3 is still one of my favourite strategy game until today .
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