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    My rogue is calles Shinyu, both because I like the name, and because she clearly enjoys kicking people in the shin. :-D

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    I called mine Proheals, because at the time, Rogues had no heals what so ever, but now Recupe =(

    I'm also partial to the name Sycs, dunno why, or what it is but yea

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    mine is called rebéccablack

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    Apathy---rogue that doesnt care bout anything
    Caffeiine---crazy fuckers in pvp (back awhile, dont pvp on mine currently)

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    i just named my alt rogue i used to pp for insane tittle for my main Grabarse cause well it speaks for itself

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapscallion84 View Post
    I made a human female rogue and called her 'Stabface' :/
    /stands in front of boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burninator View Post
    /stands in front of boss
    *Boss is M'ruru. I has no face!*

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    i made mine purely for "the Patient" title when it came out.

    (wouldnt allow correct spelling)
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    Mine is wunder
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    Mine is Toetagger...though I haven't played him since Wrath. Also have a DK named Toetagged

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    Name your rogue Rouge!

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    I helped a guildy name her Goblin Rogue, Sinistella. I have many rogues.

    My main is a Human Rogue named Waynebruce (with my usual name-after-fictional-character tag).

    I've also named an Undead Rogue Winterfields, a Blood Elf Rogue Shukumei (means destiny or predestination in Japanese), and a Troll Rogue Tebida (completely random, doesn't mean anything).
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    Well, female human rogue is one thing. My male Orc rogue's name is Sergeant Snargle. Sick Orc name, and the warglaives on his back make it even more legit

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    Tigolbitties, fem dwarf rogue

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    Nihaoirgook Jenkins, is what will likely happen.

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    My Rogue called Skywarp because I love Transformers and I thought Shadowstep is a lot like Skywarps teleportation ability, he's also meant to be quite a prankster which I think Rogues are as well.

    I also have a lowbie rogue called Stabethia... she likes to stab things :3
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    Best rogue I ever knew was a female gnome rogue with innocent pony tail pink hair called Flower.

    Talk about false advertising

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    That name was taken so I had to end up with Touché..

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