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    My character's name is Ben, no alt codes. Just Ben, you jelly?

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    My rogue's name? Ninetynine. He was a human as first and named him like he was an agent of SI:7, was going for some James Bond thing. Now he's a worgen, I like to think he developed the Lycanthopy curse during the Cataclysm to make himself more deadly. Yeah I know I'm an RP nerd, I just think about it though, I dont write fan fiction though. Cool thing is though, when he turns into a human he looks EXACTLY the same as he did when he was a normal human = )

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    I proudly own the name, "Poof"

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    Named my Gnome Rogue Eltonjohn (Oh yeah, he has pink hair)

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    Quote Originally Posted by broods View Post
    Pick any combination of these words: Shadow, dark, killer, assasin, death, stalker, stab and you will be AWESOME and cool. People will look at your name and think "WOW that dude is a total badass"
    When I see people with names like that I don't think "total badass", I think total 12 year old.

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    Step 1: Take pieces of paper and write words on the pieces such as(but not limited too) Dagger, Dark, Stab, Shadow, Stalk, Stealth, Cut, Knife, Black.
    Step 2: Put those pieces of paper into a hat.(or helmet)
    Step 3: Shake around, close eyes, chose 2-3 pieces of paper at random.
    Step 4: Enter your new rogues name!(Darkdaggershadow)
    --Note: In extremely likely situation where your totally awesome new rogue name is already taken, presumably by another rogue, repeat steps 3 & 4--
    “The Jedi…the Sith…you don’t get it, do you? To the galaxy, they’re the same thing; just men and women with too much power, squabbling over religion, while the rest of us burn.”-Atton Rand

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    I have two rogues, one is Isobel and the other Spiritgemmed

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    Stabbitha is one of my favorites

    "Sorry guys- it's hotkeyed onto my mouse..."

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    Got a goblin rogue named Satiainen, means crab in finnish, but somehow I doubt googletranslator(spelling?) works perfectly : /

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    It's not just crab, it's the crabs (the sort of STD-kind of thing)

    I've seen my share of Deathstabber and such names, can't think of any really good names though.
    On the more original end I remember names like Lace and Andiel, but they're no match for Roguo!

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    Made a rogue during TBC called Netherstrike
    Quote Originally Posted by Crym View Post
    Spoiler: The reason Garrosh is defeated is because, just when he's being attacked, Malchezaar pops out of a portal, yells "yoink!", and takes his weapon away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yohkohino View Post
    "Chopin" and "Staccato" for the musician in you. =O
    Riffstab or Riffstalker (lol)
    Quote Originally Posted by BoomChickn View Post
    The reason the smart people are miserable because their head hurts so much from facepalming at all the stupid people, its so simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    My rogue's name? Ninetynine.
    Wasn't 99 the lady agent on The Avengers? (non-Marvel version)

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    sick rogue name - igotasthma

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    (Because Sephiroth was taken)

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    My rogue is a female Gnome called Hiddenbtch.
    I like it most of all names :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raka View Post
    my rogue is "Gorotsuki" which means "Rogue" in japanese. Like it ! have it out of a similar thread in some "how-to-name-my-char"-forum.
    You fkn copycat. I was the original user of the name Gorotsuki for rogues in World of Warcraft. You dirty piece of shyt, you copied me. Most likely pulled the name from the armory. I have been using it since the game was first released. You better change your character's damn name or I will smack the shyt out of you, loser.

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    My rogue name is Simphonic . Why ? Imagine music notes while listening a hardcore dubstep and in the same time you are owning the DPS meter and in PVP the same . Simply , you are moving on rhytm . In touch with life lol :P

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    You can pronounce it like Carpal (related to the disease, in case I'm pulling high numbers) and Carpool (in case I'm screwing up a lot).
    Carp - Illidan-US
    I wish I wish I was a fish.
    My rogue

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