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    my rogue is named Instinctz.
    oh and holy friggen necro.

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    year old necrorage? lol

    OT: my rogue is Betrayal
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    Bankrobber/Graverobber(if UD)/Robber/Robbery/somethingwiththewordrobber,steal,thief etcetc.

    EDIT: Holy necro batman!
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    I'm tempted to rename my rogue Dylanthomas and macro "RAGE" onto half of my abilities and "at the dying of the light" onto my finishers. Inspired by the necro.

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    lolumad ... best rogue name ever.
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    Villainous, sadly Villain was taken =/

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    IDK I think Vish is a pretty good RP name for a Rogue.
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    My Rogue's name is Ulquiorra "The Hallowed"

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    Veiled. I enjoy it. At least it's not an anime name... I noticed those are never used. lolol.

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    Has anyone mentioned Backstabatha yet? Rogueleader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    Has anyone mentioned Backstabatha yet? Rogueleader?
    Lol Rogueleader made me laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilzan View Post
    Wasn't 99 the lady agent on The Avengers? (non-Marvel version)
    You're thinking of Get Smart :P

    The woman from the Avengers was Emma Peel (well there were others but she's probably the one you were thinking of).

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    Lol Rogueleader made me laugh.
    My life's ambition is to make an all-Rogue guild called Rogue Squadron :P

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    Worsthread, Usucklolqt, Shifteater, Pepe, Banjo, Gonzo, Doris, Donkeyball, Monkeyking, Hiddencnt, Hailsatan, etc etc...

    Ot: op has probably already given a name to his / her rogue so this thread is pointless. And also shows some lack of imagination to make a thread asking for naming ideas.

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    Mine its pretty simple: just "Mátt"
    My Rogue

    Veni, vidi, vici.

    I like MoP now c:

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    Well, when I think of a female rogue, I think of dark, or fallen seeming things. An angelic name, or perhaps a seductive meaning name would do for a female. Of course, my mind is not extremely creative, so I advise using some website. I wouldn't advise using some joyful name, but more of a stealthy seeming name. I use Karensa for my rogue, but maybe a darker color would also do. A red, like Skarlet(or Scarlet), or a darker color, Ebony. Mortal Kombat names could also work. Kittana, Milena, Sonya, ect. My advise is not strong, and this was mainly my opinion(ized). If it helped, yay. If not, well, er... Then it didn't help.

    I doubt anyone's going to read this who was asking at the start, sorry. A nice effort, but please, please check the dates of posts if you didn't get to here from the rogue forum's recent threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellificent View Post
    Holy necro, Batman.

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    undead female rogue - auberdeen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fakevox View Post
    Villainous, sadly Villain was taken =/
    sounds like vill-anus. just saying

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    My rogue is named "Near", I think it's kinda subtle and not too "in your face" that he's a rogue

    edit: also I believe there is a character on Death Note named that way, but I can't really remember if he's actually spelled that way, but actually I got the name from there just because I liked the sounding of it, and then it came to my mind that this would also be a lovely name for a rogue

    oh, and then I got "Backstabbath" reserved, but I don't really use that toon anymore

    Closing the necro'd thread. -Kael
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