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    18+ MMO Kabod Online Level Up Guide

    Korea Adult MMORPG Kabod Online Level Up Guide
    EXP & TNL:
    When you kill a mob or completed a quest you will acquire a certain amount of Experience (EXP).

    The EXP bar is located on the bottom your screen (Green color bar).
    You can check the total EXP that you have acquired so far, and how much EXP required To Next Level (TNL).
    To check for your TNL, press C to look up for your character details.

    This method is considered the fastest way to level up at the moment.
    You will be asked to meet with NPC in games, collecting materials, and killing a certain amount of monsters.

    You will be getting your Quest from NPC in
    Aserina village - Atun map/First map from level 1 - 10.
    Caeles/Grassory village - Denidentia/Second map from level 11-20.
    Kareia Dungeon - Atun map from level 21-25.
    Aesgresco /Obscure village - Adves map/3rd map for level 25-30.
    Eucharistia/Rollxia village - Feracitas map/4th map for level 30+
    (There are two villages starting from 2nd map, one belongs to Pioneer , and the other belongs to Villain.
    You can only receive quest from your own village.)

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