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    Priest Game

    So I have a great game idea that us priests could play. Priest soccer!!
    It will require 20 priests (or whatever size you want the teams to be) of level 85 for Leap of Faith and one player to be the soccer ball.
    All the players will have to be in the same raid. You need a large area to play on, I'm thinking on top of on of the scorched spires in the badlands.
    They are large and Deathwing can come and kill us there lol. 10 Priests on each team try to get the "soccer ball" to their designated side of the playing field.
    First team to get them there wins. The "soccer ball" is not allowed to move their character at all. Each Team would require their own vent to coordinate better or alternatively each team could create their own channel.

    I think it would be pretty entertaining to play or watch for that matter I'm going to try and organize a game on my server and Fraps the match.

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    Gonna be kinda tough with that 1.5min CD on life grip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Gonna be kinda tough with that 1.5min CD on life grip.
    This, and probably the person getting gripped back and fourth would throw up from all the jarring movement.

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    Im not 100% sure on this, but i think target becomes immune after 1 or 2 in a row... maybe its just in BGs, but ive read somewhere that cant have 9 priests stand on a line in WSG, and life grip them through...

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    Sounds hilarious Though I don't know how well the logistics would workout. There are always Life Grip Duels though!

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