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    Rift? A WoW Killer? What are your views?

    So i have been playing the rift beta since yesterday. My first impressions were that the races and classes were cool and when i first encountered a rift and was put into a public group i was so excited!

    However i personally think the mob designs and general overal skins and graphics are terrible for a game due to be released in 2011 people.

    Sone mobs looked like peices of cloth.. they all have these tiny spindley arms and sometimes it feels like your fighting mobs taken from a 1950's horror movie.
    The rift idea is amazing.. especially the group quest that gets announced when there is ahuge invasion and you have to kill an end boss.

    Took about 30 players 15 minutes to kill this thing however, had no moves or abilities we just had to keep bashing on it till it died.

    Again the boss's skin was terrible.. all mobs seem to be terrible graphics wise. The world is beatifull and they spent alot of time on the mounts yet everythign else seems like the couldnt be bothered/ran out of money.

    I personally believe if blizzard had made this.. or had this idea about world pve it would of been so much better.

    And tbh i am gutted because i was so excited and i was really let down. Alot of the general chat in the game is hating wow and how people think these graphics are amazing and so much better than wow... o.0 come on son!!

    Yes it may look more realistic.. but the mobs and bosses look horrible to the point i got so angry and have stopped playing.

    I will miss my Kelari warrior riftblade.. and stopping invasions but the world of azeroth its much nicer to look at.. and even chogall is better looking than the bosses in rift.

    What are your thoughts?

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    hard to post your views in a locked thread, isn't it?
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