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    Favorite Athlete?

    Who is your favorite athlete?

    Mine is Shaq. He is a great athlete, but also an entertainer.

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    Either one of these guys. Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas. Love watching both of them play. Chara is one of the best defenseman in the league and Thomas is the BEST goaltender in the league.

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    All time? Ken Griffey Jr. Loved his swing. Currently? Probably Drew Brees. Great mix of skill and character.

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    Alessando Del Piero.

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    Forest Griffin. He has great respect for all he's competitors and seems like a really nice guy. Also Mark Webber because I just have to cheer for my fellow aussie.
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    Manny Pacquiao, and I'm not even Filipino.
    He needs to fight some stronger opponents though, tired of watching him hit a guy who is just too proud to give up a few rounds in after his face is all swollen up.

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    Novak Djokovic. Thank God that he is nothing like his entourage at the matches, if they were banned from all Opens I wouldn't be surprised at all.
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    Leeroy Jenkins. :P

    ha! okey okey, Roman Šebrle

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    Ray Lewis

    This man can deliver a hit! Also is one of the most strategic and smart athletes I've heard of, he will not stop studying his opponents until he KNOWS it all. Also, he may or may not have murdered somebody and gotten away with it, but he LEARNED from said mistake and doesn't thug it up too publicly anymore.

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    Stefan Holm. Swedish athlete, does things I don't know the name for in english. He's a great guy and an exceptional athlete.
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    Peyton Manning? ^.^

    The one that has kept my interest the most lately is Michael Vick. Yea, people will bring up the dog fighting, but his return has been amazing. Going from prison to tiny chance of ever playing to eventually being franchised tagged by the Eagles...not to mention how hard he is trying to right his wrong off the field. It's been great watching him.
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    Manny pacquiao

    Uploaded with

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    Stuck between Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning

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    Dwyane Wade. Not just an outstanding player, he also has a fantastic attitude.

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    barry bonds, best offensive player in MLB history, he's also about to beat the US Government (98% convicion rate) in a court case

    he could probably cure cancer if he wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheyCallMeTarzan View Post
    Dwyane Wade. Not just an outstanding player, he also has a fantastic attitude.
    he's banging gabrielle union, i'm sure that helps his attitude

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