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    Jack Wilshere is a close second for me tho. The way he has played this season is mind blowing from a 19 year old.

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    Eli Manning >> << >> << >> << >> << >> << >> << >> Yeah that's right

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    Chad Ochocinco

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    Alex Ovechkin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Groanan View Post
    Manny Pacquiao, and I'm not even Filipino.
    He needs to fight some stronger opponents though, tired of watching him hit a guy who is just too proud to give up a few rounds in after his face is all swollen up.
    Put him against some real fighters then I will be impressed. Id like him to go against some MMA guys. Boxing died out in the 90s.

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    Raul Gonzalez Blanco. One of the most underrated football players in history.

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    Ovechkin, Crosby and Lebron James.

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    Javier Zanetti

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    Ole Einar Bjørndalen

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    Usain Bolt... *Does the point move*

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    Ray Allen

    Such feeble minds..

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    Cam Ward ... blabla more text (forum doesn't let me post only the name xd)

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    Brett Favre, hands down.

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    Peter Forsberg

    My favorite hockey player of all time, AND, he was a Flyer twice
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    Maurice Jones Drew is up there for me, amazing running back.
    Jerod Mayo as well, one of NE's best picks in the past few years, fantastic LB.

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    Current athletes, I would say Peyton Manning. If I went into all sports and chose one, it would likely be as follows (keep in mind this list only covers sports I follow, so no hockey or soccer).

    Basketball : Tim Duncan
    Baseball : This one I am a little more on the fence with. I lean towards pitchers, so I would likely go with Cliff Lee. However, that being said, he did break my little Rangers fan heart by signing with the Phillies.

    My lifetime, Nolan Ryan trumps all. Emmitt Smith for football and David Robinson for basketball. This is of athletes I've at least seen that no longer play.

    Historically, Babe Ruth, Bill Russell, and Roger Staubach. No baseball player, none, ever, period, will ever come to the greatness that was Babe Ruth. Something fans forget. Yes, he's been surpassed on the career home runs list twice. But neither Aaron nor Bonds was also a 20-game winner as a starting pitcher in their career. That's how incredible of a player Ruth was.
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    Ken Griffy JR, Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter

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    Ryan Howard. I remember seeing him at least twice a year when he was with the Reading Phillies and he would just launch home run after home run. I felt so bad at the end of the NLDS last season when he was the last at bat and was struck out.

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    Kobe hes just the best

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    Basketball i would say Tim Duncan
    Baseball Tim Hudson
    Football Payton Manning
    Hockey Ryan Getzlaf

    But i guess since the OP said fav athlete as in plural i would say Ryan Getzlaf.

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