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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortifie View Post
    A Hasek compliation without this clip is a bad compilation
    o.O I just found the thing on youtube..but yes that was an amazing flip..

    [Banhammer, Kungen's Bane]

    1.60 sp mace
    150 str
    268 sta
    77 defense
    80 dodge
    93 parry
    "As you look upon the mace, you hear the whining of a thousand fanboys. Something deep with in your soul makes it impossible to think anything but 'lol.'"

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    Man gotta love the Hasek flip.
    Baseball: Justin Verlander gotta love a guy that the angrier the guy is the better he does.
    Football: Peyton Manning
    Hockey: Henrik Zetterberg
    Basketball: chauncey billups

    And if I had to pick one it would be Verlander just because baseball is my favorite sport.

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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    ian botham - nuff said
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    Steve Largent and Walter Jones of the Seahawks.

    Both of them very quiet, unassuming men that were simply the very best at what they did. I have a lot of respect for the quiet guys, they're the ones who get the job done day in and day out. You can keep your showoffs and egomaniacs, give me a team of quiet guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tozza View Post
    Ole Einar Bjørndalen
    Same here.

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    probably kobe bryant. Yes hee is a little arogant, but he still plays with passion unlike many others nowadays NBA players

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    Buakaw Por Pramuk


    Shannon Brown

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