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    Angry List of things you hate!

    Heres mine.

    People who dye their hair unrealistic colors

    emo people/people who wear ridiculous amounts of chains and leather

    people who call Wednesday, "hump day"

    the PRICE of Starbucks coffee

    people who travel in slow moving groups in a hallway


    WoW maintenance

    Loud obnoxious people.

    people content to sit in a puddle of ignorance

    Whats your list?

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    Blood Elves
    People with idiotic names.
    Elitist tanks/dps/healers
    Frost Mages.
    DKs(yet I play one)

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    Ps3, or atleast the controllers
    People trying to be really cool when none but me are around
    Bugs, i seriously hate bugs

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    Guys that thought it was cool to wear socks with their sandals to school
    People that wear their hat tilted to the side (douche bags)
    people that chew with their mouth open
    Groups of emo people that stood in a group in the hallway and were acting weird

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    <--- my life
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    This shitty thread. Doesn't deserve to live

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    Faux News for sure.

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    In front of my keyboard.
    Excessively negative people.
    I may pay my subscription every month, but I don't lose sight of the fact that the other 4/9/24/39 people I'm grouped with pay too.

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    The line between insanity and brilliance.
    People who act badass in front of only certain people

    People who drive terribly

    night elf/blood elf hunter with a variation of the name Legolas,

    Dwarfs with varied name Gimli

    DKs with varied name arthas.

    Rogues with a varied name Riddick

    People that flaunt their own/parents money


    Military officers

    its longer but im lazy

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    When you fart really loud in the belief that you're all alone, then notice you're on live camera.
    And avocado.

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    unresponded love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post

    People who dye their hair unrealistic colors
    I had a GF who dyed her hair pink and it made her look really hot.

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    People who don't match the speed of the highway while using the onramp.
    Parents who don't care what nonsense their children are doing in public.
    Lousy tippers.
    People who don't pronounce words correctly.
    The smell a car makes after the catalytic converter takes a dump.
    People trying hard not to "fit in". (Guess what, you're still "fitting in", just with a different group)
    When my wife watches Holly's World.
    Text conversations that consist of one-two word sentences that last 30 minutes just to find out nothing at all.
    When the water splashes onto my butt.

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    After today's raid I think it's other people who excitedly shout unnecessary things in TS on boss fights.

    Internet tough-guys.

    That yesterday my favourite teapot fall on the floor and broke to pieces.

    But then I look at my signature, think how petty all these things are and just shrug.
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    Life is short Glory is eternal

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    AFK in dalaran
    Organized religion.
    People who dismiss Zombies as a "fad" and not a "threat to humanity".
    Social Networking Sites
    Internet porn that advertises more porn... I just can't help but click the links QQ
    People who speak too loudly in vent.
    Anyone who hates The Beatles
    Hip Hop.
    Any variations of the above.
    Ignorant fools.
    "I'm better then you" Athiests. Seriously, you dicks make the rest of us look bad.
    Girls who broke my heart ( )
    Anti-LGBT activists. Seriously, whoever said YOU weren't allowed to be happy with love that makes you so pissy that others can't have theirs?
    Pterodactyls. Seriously, fuck those guys.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    I also hate cold toliet seats. Then i have to put my hands on my ass cheeks and sit on them so i can take a comfortable deuce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaelrin View Post
    But then I look at my signature, think how petty all these things are and just shrug.
    =/ You make it sound like death is hurtful

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    Quote Originally Posted by DionLight7 View Post
    =/ You make it sound like death is hurtful
    It's not about hurting and not about being afraid. Too long and complex to explaing here.

    It's rather about being prepared in time and not wasting yourself on insignificant things.
    Life is short Glory is eternal

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    If there is one thing on the entire World I hate, then Spiders...

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