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    When my ski company tries to run certain lifts on days that are forecasted for high winds and I'm saying "I told you so" to my boss after the lift is shut down due to wind.

    Also, people who drive slow. See that white sign that says "speed limit 55 mph?" Yeah? Then how about you step on the gas pedal until your car is doing FIFTY FIVE FREAKING MILES AN HOUR.* Not asking you to speed. Just do the speed the sign says. Please.

    *disclaimer, yeah yeah, if conditions are bad you can drive slow
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    I hate:

    -People who make a lot of pointless threads.
    -Police, when I'm driving. They always make me feel like I have to drive a certain perfect way, but also that I have to not be a slow-poke/idiot driver because they want to just go too (ex. Slow down and don't take a light that's about to turn yellow, or wait? Normally I'd never miss a yellow light if I can safely do it, and cops also want to make the light, but other times lol it looks bad.)
    -People who drive fast but are fucking scrubs and can't stay in their lane for this one windy tight turn (with cement walls on our sides, 2 lanes) in this tunnel on my way home.
    -When they play slow paced songs on the radio while I work out, just because they're "popular." I need an upbeat fast paced song to get me going!
    -When it's cold outside and I get to school at 11:50 for my 12:15 class and there's absolutely no good parking in the parking lot, and then when I come back at 3:30 after my last class that day there's like 8 spots back to back to back all free in the good zones.
    -This kid in my Italian class who looks like he's 27 and Italian and raises his hand to answer all the questions like a teacher's pet.

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    Aside from the really obvious stuff like diseases, war, etc....

    - Piece of shit cars that spew out huge noxious clouds/fumes that everyone within a mile behind them can smell.
    - Assholes who leave their shopping carts in the middle of grocery store parking lots so they can roll off and hit someone's car later.
    - Bad drivers (I could list about 10 different examples, but I'm just gonna leave it at that).
    - Unreasonably low 40mph speed limits on 1-mile+ stretches of straight road where nothing dangerous is going to happen.
    - Speeding tickets that you get when said areas (see above) are used to set up speed traps.
    - Top 40 "music" here.
    - Government and politics.
    - Unreasonable taxation.
    - Animal cruelty. When I hear these stories about how a group of teenagers thought it'd be funny to set a cat on fire, it makes my blood boil.
    - Gas prices.
    - Political correctness.
    - Celebrity "news" on TV and various other places. I don't care that some famous celebrity was spotted taking a dump 10 minutes ago.
    - Nancy Grace.
    - People who claim racism because they didn't get their way.
    - Online grammar Nazis. Particularly the ones who think everyone on Earth is supposed to speak 100% perfect English.
    - "Reality" TV.
    - Elitists in online games. I'm looking at the ones in games like WoW who go "LOL STUPID NOOB CASUALS QUIT TEH GAME NOW"
    - Bad sportsmanship in online games. "LOL GG NOOB U LOST GO KILL URSELF" when you lose and "FUK U RETARD U CHEATED" when you win.
    - My work cell phone when it rings on my days off.
    - Mornings.
    - Hearing some untalented celebrity butcher the National Anthem before every major sports event.
    - People who blame school shootings on violence in video games.
    - People who hate on others for having religious beliefs. I respect your beliefs, so you should respect mine.
    - People who insist on turning what should be a 15-second phone call into 10 minutes of texting back and forth.
    - Restaurants that act like I just asked for the most complicated thing in the world when I ask for a sandwich without the mayonnaise.
    - People who say "I could care less" when they really mean "I couldn't care less" about something.

    - People who smoke weed and won't shut up about the fact that they smoke weed. I have no problems with people who smoke weed because that's your own business, but please shut up with the "LOL I GOT SOOOOOOOOOOO BAKED LAST NIGHT MAN LOL" stuff.

    - Chicks who walk around in slutty outfits and expect guys not to look. If you're gonna stick 'em in my face, I'm gonna look at 'em. Deal with it.

    - Annoying and/or gross commercials on TV. I don't want to see a commercial about "OMFG CURE YOUR UGLY TOENAIL FUNGUS NOW!!11!" or "LOL LOOKS LIKE TEH MUCUS IS MOVIN' IN!!!111!!" when I'm trying to eat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defengar View Post
    Loud obnoxious people.

    Also people who stuff their noses in other peoples business all the time and when some people are just stuck in their mislead ideas and even after you provide all the proof that they are wrong, they just ignore it or act like it didn't exist. If you can't accept that you are wrong after being presented with solid proof, you're not worth talking to.

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    I actually don't hate anything at this moment, but I really don't like these things:

    Country music
    People who act dumb when they're actually decently intelligent
    People who loudly hate religion
    people who loudly love their religion
    Very uptight people
    People who say nigger or any variant of it
    Ignorant people
    People who use gay as a derogatory statement
    People who honestly believe x video game is better than y video game (Like LoL VS HoN VS DoTA VS SC2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylucifer View Post
    Night elf/blood elf hunter with a variation of the name Legolas,

    Dwarfs with varied name Gimli

    DKs with varied name arthas.

    Rogues with a varied name Riddick
    Don't forget ''Demon hunters with a varied name Illidan''

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    I hate one man and one man only:

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    Oh, also, mail-in rebates where the proof of purchase you sent in gets "lost in the mail" or some other bullshit mysteriously happens. Of the last four things I've bought online that had mail-in rebates, one actually came through on the rebate.

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    my neoghbour who sits in his car at least 3 hours a day, the roof down and blaring out shit dubstep type music. literally every day, just sits there in his car with music playing. the fuck is his problem?
    also, the binmen who think 8am is an acceptable time to drive the noisest machine known to man 10ft from my house on a monday. its not ok.
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    Animal Cruelty
    When people dictate how other people should lives their lives, including their own children
    The Dark - I'm Nyctaphobic
    Stilton Cheese
    People speaking to me while I'm trying to have a conversation on my phone "Who is it? Who are you talking to?" - "F**K OFF!"
    Bad Odour (Smelly Feet, body odour, using the bathroom for a number 2 and not using the damn air freshner provided)
    When someone pokes me in the side
    When people wash dishes and don't rinse off the soap sudds before putting them up to drain
    Poor oral hygiene

    Lots more stuff but I don't want to build a wall lol..

    A list of things you love would be a nice thread EDIT: Nvm I just found the thread lol
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    You know what I hate?

    -People who don't have their textbooks and ask to see yours before a test or quiz. So fucking annoying. I didn't bring my book so you could study. And I'm talking about complete strangers who just happen to be in your class. Not friends.

    -People who say "let's do a random" or "let's do a heroic" in WoW. (When I played.) Those things could describe more than one fucking thing, be specific.

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    Oh ya. I also hate people who love animals to death and prioritize animals over humans.

    I also hate people who make a lot of pointless threads.

    Edit: One more. I hate that My Little Pony thread because I can never see the recently active threads in chat zone from the forum homepage, because that My Little Pony thread is constantly being flooded with activity to the most recent thread. If you know what I mean, I don't know if I'm making sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raveger View Post
    -when games are released early and classified as 'beta's'
    People who dont understand what a beta test is.

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    my favourite TV shows being cancelled
    anti-piracy measures that hurt paying customers far more than pirates (who just bypass them altogether with cracks)
    breast implants
    the fact that good single player games are becoming so rare
    reality tv
    runny noses
    unresolved cliffhanger endings
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    i hate cold tacos and half-cooked food

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    good point, cold and half cooked are bad. but especially evil is cold coffee. how can something so great when hot suddenly turn into something so disgusting in such a short span?

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    Extremist religion
    Needless animal cruelty

    Pet dislikes:
    Spicy food
    Hot weather
    Getting hungry
    Menstural cycle
    People I'm not into trying to hook themselves up with me (so awkward :S)
    People missing the toilet and not cleaning it up
    People wanking in the shower that I use
    People leaving a mess in the kitchen

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    This thread
    My life
    This forum
    Chat Thread and everyone in it
    My parents
    People who don't understand my misery

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    Yes I hate tomorrow!

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    Bronies and Greedy people

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