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    Shooting Stars?

    I've had Shooting Stars proc but the CD on Starsurge not reset, happened 3 times yesterday during heroic instance runs. It's quite annoying. Anyone else had this happen to them?

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    Do you mean not resetting at all or not resetting instantly? If the first are you sure you aren't hitting it as soon as it procs trying to hard cast it and actually using the proc? If the second issue there is a known issue if you are casting it when it procs it won't reset right away.

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    It seemed to have not reset at all. Had the buff proc'd, the aura alert thingy lit up the whole time, but had to wait for SS to come off CD before I could use it. Haven't seen it happen before.

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    The only time I have seen this happen (kind of) is hardcasting a SS and getting the proc during the cast, the GCD slows it down so I can't instant cast as soon as the original cast is up. Have to sit there for a second, tapping the key.
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    The hard cast+proc or proc+roc and having to wait to cast the 2nd spell is a known issue, it has to do with being prevented from casting a SS while another is still inflight. Once the first one hits the target the 2nd one is enabled.

    Now as for a SS proc not resetting the CD on Starsurge, I have not seen that happen yet. Definitely seems wrong. The only reason I could would be a mob locking you out of that school for some time. Otherwise seems like a bug.

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