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    What dot tracker do you guys use for shadow

    I've always used my judgement on when to recast dots but I could prob bump my dps up a bit if I used a dot counter. Is there one that will track multiple targets?

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    I use ForteXorcist as well, being able to track DoTs as well as Archangel, Shadow Empowerment and other short term buffs.
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    Imo best dot tracker is Event Horizon. I couldn't play affliction without it (similar amount of stuff to track as shadow)

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    Tried event horizon, didn't like it - found it hard to follow my dots properly in amongst all the other debuffs and such.

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    DoTimer, you can track anything you want, and remove stuff you don't want to track, dots/debuffs on mobs, hots/buffs on party members, self buffs, etc.

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    Quartz has a nice DoT-tracker. But if you wanna keep track of multiple targets dotted up, I dont honestly know what to get. Works well for me on bosses at least.

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    I currently don't use any addons for tracking dots. But I recommend ForteXorcist

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    I use ForteXorcist as well, but i usually just keep an eye on the debuffs on my xperl frames tbh

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    Build-in memory in my head =)

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    I LOVE TMW (Power Auras is too old now). I can track dots, Shadow Empowerment, Orb, Dark Archangel, and trinket and enchants procs.

    Check it out

    TellMeWhen link:


    To track multiple targets i use Tidy Plates

    Tidy Plates link
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