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    Don't be too serious with this BMI. It's just a number. You know your own health

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    5' 10" 210 lbs

    30.1!! i lol'd so hard.

    I'm sure that the Army would not let me stick around with that number.

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    My Beast Mastery Incentive has gone up quite a bit since the recent hotfix!
    Oh wait, you were talking about something else...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannypoos View Post
    I waigh 10stone any idea what that is in pounds?
    10 stone = 140 pounds

    If you type "10 stone in pounds" into Google, it will give you the translation Same goes for kilograms and stuff.

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    rofl, 17.1, and i eat like a fuckin horse, atleast a loaf of good rather brown bread a day. and unhealthy junk besides. i train it away, but man!?!?!? lol, i sure hope ppl are right not to trust this crap =D

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    17.9 my metabolism is overclocked

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    21.6, 180cm, 70kg

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    19.8 and I rarely put on weight. I tend to stay at a steady weight irrespective of my eating/exercising habits. I'm rather slim and slender but broad shouldered.
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    I beleive the "Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women." is inaccurate...

    When I was in school 15 years ago, I recall that the Body Mass Index isn't a schedule to determine if you're "fat" or in-shape, but rather an indication of the work your internal organs have to provide... Using "Obese" is a broad category, as it usually implies unhealthily fat. But in the context of BMI, it references a category of health because of the extra work-load ones' organs need to expend.
    A person can be fit, and still be "over" or "under" weight if their heart had to work harder; A person can be "fat" while being "median" (on-weight) and their organs, heart, liver, lungs, ect, don't require "extra" exertion.

    To find accurate body-fat composition, a water dunk-test (where you expel ALL the air from your lungs that you can, and submerge in a tank of water, then compare weight vs volume displaced) is the closest.

    Now to say "What is your body-fat%? (guestimate)" - of the WoW 8 players I personally know, I can say averaged together, they are in the ~35%+ range (excluding myself @ ~8%)

    Currently; 6'3" @ 198lb = 24.7BMI, 225lb bench @ 38reps + 425lb max, 100m=10.17s, mile=4:45; surprisingly, the web-site says I am not over-weight... go figure.
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    Oh yea... my BMI is 16.9... :O

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    BMI for me is 21.8 lol.... I'm 5'5 and weigh 131, who knew...
    Hey everyone

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    16.3..... im a twig
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post

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    21.0 stupid message limit DIAF.

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    My BMI is 42. I guess that makes sense since im 5'6 and 260 lbs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Precisely why BMI shouldn't even be taken remotely serious. I'm 6'5' 210 and apparently quite overweight. Just plugging in some values, it thinks 160 pounds is right in the middle of "normal weight". If I were to weigh 160 pounds, I could be broken in half.
    what are you wearing

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    18.5, just on the cusp of being underweight. Makes sense, I'm pretty damn skinny. I really hate my metabolism. I need to take in so many calories to bulk up. Tried it a few times and did pretty well for a while but got laid off and couldn't afford to eat the way I had to + supplements.

    I'm very interested in nutrition and the fact that humans can sculpt and morph their body if they put their mind to it. I have a bunch of friends that are absolutely gigantic and I always wanted to do it. One day I definitely plan on going back to bulking and gaining some muscle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xuany View Post
    29.9 apparently I'm obese... that's not right because I'm in quite good condition.
    BMI is not 100% correct when it comes to this stuff since it will overestimate the amount of body fat a muscular person has and it can even underestimate the amount of body fat a small framed person has.

    Because of this, it is recommended that you factor in your waist size as well (still not 100% accurate). Over 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is another factor putting you in the obese category if coupled with a high BMI.

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    BMI seems to screw up the taller people get. A healthy 6"4, muscular male will definately way more than 210 pounds.

    Anyway, my BMI is 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Precisely why BMI shouldn't even be taken remotely serious. I'm 6'5' 210 and apparently quite overweight. Just plugging in some values, it thinks 160 pounds is right in the middle of "normal weight". If I were to weigh 160 pounds, I could be broken in half.
    You're not reading correctly. First of all, 6'5'' and 210 lbs is in the normal weight category at 24.9.

    Secondly, just because 160 is in the "middle" of the "normal" weight category doesn't mean that it's telling you most normal 6'5'' people are 160 or that you should be 160, that's not how it works. If you gathered that from it, then I can see why you think it's useless.

    The page with the BMI calculator tells you the limitations of BMI. It's actually a very serious tool as long as you know what it can and can't do. The meaning of the weight classes has to do with health risks and not really what someone should or shouldn't be. Larger people are usually at higher risk of blood pressure problems and the like and have to watch their weight more than a shorter person would.

    The point is, BMI is just 1 part of a tool set to help determine a general view of risk factors, not an end all be all stand alone tool that's 100% correct. You need to take into account other factors along with BMI since there are so many body types out there.
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    Before WoW (6 years ago) 24.0

    Today 29.8 ...

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