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    Help with shadow gear!

    Hey! im gonna start finding a proper raiding guild since i miss it alot.
    But i know my gear aint very nice gemmed.
    So i thought i'd turn to the champion community!
    Please do tell me which items to replace, re gem , re enchant.

    I'm a 525 enchanter and JC.
    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../amongo/simple
    i can get all the justice points i need, and i can get all the reputations exalted if i need.

    just please help me improve.
    My rotation is as it should be
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    Gonna do a quick rundown on spriest gearing essentially:

    1) Intellect is king. Gem it everywhere possible. If you're going for socket bonus go intellect+other stat, never any blue, yellow, or green gems where possible.

    2) When reforging, pull off crit/mastery before haste. As far as secondary stats go haste is still you're best option so keep that on your gear and pull off the crit and mastery where needed.

    3) Meet hit cap if you wish, but it's still not 100% needed according to many. Personally I still enjoy keeping hit capped since the change to MB grants me the occasional 130k MB crits (<3).

    As far as your gear goes in general, you have upgrades awaiting you via reputation with boots and neck coming from ramkahen and dragonmaw respectively (but i see you're working on that). I know JC's have the ability to make some trinkets, but not sure how they get those patterns. Either way, that one (i'm almost positive) is well above sorrowsong in dps. If you want to make hit cap, you can get the +40 spirit to chest and i believe another +50 spirit somewhere to gain some points there. The best gem for the helm, though expensive in some places, is the burning skydiamond (54 int and 3% crit damage).

    If you have a good chunk of cash you can work towards the tailoring gear or buy some BoE epics to bump up some blue pieces if they're upgrades/worth buying depending on your immediate raiding future.

    After all that you're just shy of some VP gear to push you forward. As far as dps outputs you should be nearing 16k+ in that gear from my looks in raid environments (if not more depending on skill level)

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    If you're JC, why don't you have the trinket? it's kinda awesome.

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    thank you both. i've been going through my gear etc and i've found my Jeweled Serpent in the bank, and switched with sorrowsong.

    now im gonna ask.
    should i save the CD for BL or things like exposed head of magmaw or just burn it asap?
    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful"

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