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    What Race For Alliance Priest :D

    just wondering what looks the best and best racial for priests.


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    I'd probably say that Humans are one of the best if you want to heal, Gnomes are pretty good overall due to their intellect bonus, and the Draenei racial heal could be a nice bonus. The coolest looks would likely go to a Worgen Female, especially if you are Shadow.

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    all Alliance racials are pretty good so it's debatable
    My Nelf priest would like to have a word with you!

    Racial wise for PvP I`d say Dwarf/Human whatever suits you best.
    Stoneform or extra trinket is pure win vs escape artist, increased mana is neglectable.

    For PvE, it doesnt matter at all humans have an advantage though with their spirit racial.

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    Go gnome or go home

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evrx View Post
    Go gnome or go home

    but since i currently already have 3 gnome toons (warrior, mage, lowbiedk) i was afraid my guildies would say i had a problem so i went dwarf!

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    I say Gnome or Human, More mana or more spirit = win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahala View Post
    just wondering what looks the best and best racial for priests.

    Gnome is pretty good overall b/c of the int bonus. Dranei is good for shadow b/c of the 1% hit increase. if you like pvp you can go pretty much any other ally race depending on ur choosing. Worgen has a crit bonus that is good for healing, damage and pvp.

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    human for the spirit bonus and trinket, or draenei/worgen for the +hit/crit

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