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    Im taking issue with people who play tetris.

    theres alot of good people out there im sure there are tornements all the time..my problem is? i know im the best at the game im just too poor to prove it. i seem to have a precongnition of where the peices go and what will come almost 6 turns before the computer does its insanly wierd and a bit scary. but anyway what is a good way for me to prove these mad skills at thi game? i need something cheap. i could spend hours play tetris as long as i do not break. i once played endless mode for 4 straight hours and never even got close to the top of the screen then i needed to eat and when i came back i lost..but still im really good at this game..i need competition..

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    Make a youtube video, it's importend not to remove the original tetris soundtrack.

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    Tetris uses a random block generating algorythim to create the blocks, there is no actual skill to the prediction of blocks, it more has to do with the accolation of the blocks in a rapid movement to generate more blocks.

    I'd find another game to show your skills at, Tetris is just fighting against chance.
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