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    Spriest Arena partner? 2v2

    Hi i been pvping for a while now and i played with a mage b4 and it went roughly okey we stoped at around 1750 rating and he has how left the team cuz i couldnt play this weekend.. so now i kinda want to try some new combo, any suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance


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    SPriest/Rogue is a solid combo.

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    yea might work out but not sure though any suggestions ?

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    Mage mage mage mage mage

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    Spriest 2v2 is all about CC and burst. So you're looking at rogue or mage for the best choices.

    Spriest and rogue won't "might work out," it does, it's been tried and tested by many people who've facerolled to 2k with that combo...

    Now all I need is a rogue.

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    I'm not sure if it's a good comp but Spriest and afflic lock was fun to run in Wrath, and I just need to lvl my lock and get some gear to try it out. I'm not saying its viable or good, I'm saying I found it fun, and so did my m8 ^^ GL!
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    I don't get why people like you feel they need to chime in and tell the OP how useless his post was. If it was that useless why did you spend your 2 minutes to craft a response instead of 2 seconds to hit your "back" button?
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    Well Im not sure but I think a potential nice combo could be with a ret pala or enhan shaman.
    Well at least in my head anyway :P

    But mage is prolly the best.
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    thanks for all of ur tips really helped! ill try rogue i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevian8 View Post
    SPriest/Rogue is a solid combo.
    I agree, the combo is very nice and complement each other nicely. You can dispell your rogue partner so that he can do his thing, you can dispell yourself, heal your partner, your self etc.

    I also find that if you save Fear Ward until you know what you're going up against, it can be a winning idea. Cast fear ward on your rogue and he basically can burn a warlock or priest without much interruption.

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    for 2v2 id just be looking for another mage tbh

    you could play with a healer shammy/druid/holyadin... but youd have to expect some silly long games against some comps but dual dps teams would be your strong point

    but... get a mage again :P

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    Disc, Lock, Mage, DK or Rogue.

    Mage/Rogue are the easiest by far. If you go with a healer team Discipline (pre-hotfix) was best. Should be Shaman now. I find Shadow + Unholy to be extremely fun as a Priest, but as a DK it just feels like you're running with a Lock that doesn't know how to CC properly.

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    S.PRIEST/MAGE is the gayest comp ever to face. Its almost impossible to lose. The amount of cc you have carries you 2k+ Sheep/Fear/Silence/Counterspell/Physic Horror/nova x1000

    I wouldn't play anything else.

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    mage/rogue/demo-lock all solid partners.
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    Arenajunkies is showing the Mage + Spriests combo ranked #1 and #3–two in the top 3 seems pretty good. There is a Spriest and Rogue ranked #8–still decent. You can't go wrong there.

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