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    I think the sky is falling over zealous reaction here is a bit much. Yes it isn't great and disc is a little weak atm. However this was a hotfix (knee jerk as they tend to be) and hopefully by next major patch blizzard will think of something better (ie any suggestion in here, remove soul warding, make is so you can only PW:S a limited number, etc). I am still competitive as a disc priest and have strong tank heals. I hope they do come up with something by next patch or we need to then start a march into Blizzard and picket until they come up with something a little less retarded.
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    Disc priests in my guild are dropping 30k Power word Shields.

    that is bananas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konoka View Post
    As a raiding priest, it was totally overpowered and had to be nerfed to the ground.
    as a pvp priest, IT WAS FINE WHERE IS WAS BRO =O
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    i'm fine with the fact pw: s had to be nerfed (to prevent raid bubble spam) but i think they should have made a change to soul warding like putting a cooldown on it so that it'd look like :

    Soul Warding Rank 2
    Reduces the cooldown of your Power Word: Shield ability by 2 sec.

    this effect cannot happen more than once every 10s.
    there you go, no more bubble spam, and to keep it attractive, why not add a little bonus like "Your Power Word: Shield ability now reduces damage taken by 5% for 2/5s."?

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    More proof blizzard wants disc to be primarily a tank healer.

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