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    Create a patch note

    You're a developer for the day and you can make one change into the game. What would you add/remove/change?

    Make the note look official so its more fun to read, like this


    * The Paladin class has been removed.

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    * All gold has now been removed from everyone's inventory and can now be found in Darkoverkill's inventory


    * The mana cost to all healing spells has now been increased to 100%


    * Only one damage over time spell may now be casted on the current warlock's target.


    * Ice lance has had its cooldown and mana cost removed and has also received a 50% damage increase.

    Death Knight

    * Death coil has been removed

    * Spells that place diseases upon targets have all been removed

    * Death grip has now been removed


    * Stealth has been removed

    * Sap has been removed

    * only one stun effect can be inflicted upon the rogues current target at a time


    * attacking a player while prowling no longer removes the prowl effect and continues to keep you stealthed.


    * A new glyph has been added - [Glyph of Epicness] this glyph is avalable for all classes and removes your mana/rage/runic power/Energy/focus costs and cooldowns on all abilities, unfortunatly due to being such a great glyph we decided to let inscriptionists to learn it but not be able to make it due to us not implementing the materials.

    Player versus player

    * Killing a player rewards 30% more honor points than before.

    * Ganking a single player now grants a debuff wich removes all honor points and gear equipted on the ganker, don't worry the honor points will be exchanged for dishonor points, To prevent this, the victim will have to atleast fight back during combat.
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    So much Paladin hate in two posts? Ouch guys. We're not all bad.

    OT: If blink fails to transport you the full 15 yards (due to a rock or slight incline in terrain) the cooldown is instantly reset.

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    *The Frost talent tree is being removed, and replaced with a talent tree specialized in conjuring water and food. We feel this will allow Mages to bring some utility to raids, while not sacrificing their burst in PvP, or DPS while raiding.

    *Frostbolt has been removed, and replaced with throw Mana Cookie
    *Ice Lance has been removed, and replaced with Hot dog Strike
    *Frost Nova has been removed, and replaced with Pudding Trap
    *Cone of Cold has been replaced with Ice Cream Cone
    *Frost Barrier has been replaced with Watermelon Shield
    *Water Elemental has been replaced with Cookie Monster

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    *Starfall now shoots 100 stars increased from 20.

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    * All slowing effects now share DR with all snaring effects, Frozen, and Polymorph.

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    *Frostmages now have instant cast pyroblast

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    *Backpeddleing now makes you move forward.

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    * Frost Nova, Shattered Barrier and Freeze now shares diminishing returns.
    * Ice Lance is now on a 10sec Cooldown. Frostbolt will refresh the cooldown of Icelance.

    Death Knights:
    * Death Coil heals for 50% less. All health regenerating abilities had their healing reduced by 30%.

    * They are not Rogues and thus have lost their ability to lock down a target more effectivly than a Rogue

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    * It is no longer possible to manually click your abilities on your action bars with your mouse.

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    * WotLK and Cataclysm was just a joke. We are now reverting these changes back to patch 2.4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nialyah View Post
    * They are not Rogues and thus have lost their ability to lock down a target more effectivly than a Rogue
    They are not Warriors and thus they have lost their insane survivability. Recuperate removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shop Ebay View Post
    *Backpeddleing now makes you move forward.
    *Keyboard turning and backpeddeling now reduces damage and healing by 75%

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    *All wands had their damage increased by 800%. Destruction, Shadow and Frost will be replaced by a wand spec.

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    Glyph of Divine Hearth: The castime of your hearthstone is reduced by 4 seconds while Divine Shield is active.


    A new tracking feature has been added to the Looking For Dungeon system. During dungeons in which the LFD system is used, players classed as "DPS" or "Healer" will have a ratio of dps/hps vs current ilevel recorded. Players consistantly failing to meet preset (relatively tame) limits will be treated as having 10 less ilevel rating to the system. As such a player who has just scraped into heroics and is failing to perform will no longer be able to join until better gear is aquired. This ilevel tax is reverted upon successfully meeting the required dps/hps rating and is stackable (Eg. It is possible to gain a second 10 ilevel tax if failing to perform after better gear was aquired from normal modes).

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    If you launch WoW your computer blows up.

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    No matter how many patches Blizzard do or how detailed notes they write, all players read is something in the lines of this

    • Additional grass areas have been added to the enemy faction's zones. This grass is exceptionally green.
    • All classes you don't play have been buffed and your class is getting nerfed to the ground.
    • The bosses your guild just killed are getting their health and damage reduced to insignificant amounts. We also removed all relevant mechanics from those encounters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5648945621 View Post
    they are not warriors and thus they have lost their insane survivability. Recuperate removed.
    But how will i solo Anzu now!?!?!?!

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