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    new priest, going to be start raiding soon, Would appreciate some feedback

    hey peeps, first post here in priestland, So firstly a bit of info about me, Been out of the game for 12months and came back to game about 2 months before cata, previously played as rogue decided it was pointless to start raiding with him so late in Wrath so spent time working the AH and thought a change was in order so decided on priest healer levelled priest as shadow, Found it fun and decided priest would be my new main.
    As you can see from my armory, the gold I made has meant I could bankroll my way to some easy epics, early healing i found was a complete bitch and i had lots of mana issues hence some me gemming and reforging etc for spirit, but as time has gone on things have got a lot better with the class changes and gear ive picked up along the way and things have become easier (at least for heroics)

    Anyway the only raid ive healed so far is BH which in fairness is pretty easy, id appreciate if you knowledgeable folks would take a look at my gear and give me some pointers and tips etc, i understand its a miss-mash with the enchants and gems etc, Ive taken a look at some guides here and on EJ and tbh im still learning stuff everyday, just wanna get some feedback before i start making mass changes with enchants and gems etc

    much appreciated


    btw looks like armory is down so char name is healzz and realm is Anachronos (EU) in case u wanna look elsewhere ty

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    try to get some more spirit+ haste or mastery pieces. other than that it looked fine. definetly try to get some better bracers.

    other than that you look better geared than my priest was when I healed my first raid (dinged 4ish days ago) and it's all about timing CDs and being aware of how much healing is needed so you don't spam your mana away when there's no chance of dying in the next 40 seconds etc

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    have actually got a few mastery heroic blues i can swap in, so i take it by that you think my mastery is a little low?

    yeah not see any wrists drop yet from heroics

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