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    Which to Upgrade

    I am going to buy my first valor-piece soon, 30 points shy from either gloves or trinket. My problem is I'm not sure what to buy, my armory link in sig says what I have and I would appreciate any feedback ^ n^

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    my opinion go for a t11 piece! but not the gloves, try to get chest first and do Baradin Hold for t11 gloves and legs. so a 2pc t11 setup
    and if u go for the chest , next piece is legs.
    just dont buy the gloves, they are not that good , go for the earthen ring rep ones.

    btw: what are u reforging ? ur hitrating is 10% u need 17%
    and reforge it in to spirit not hitrating!
    even the anhuurs hymnal reforge hit to spirit
    dont gem for mastery

    its like Intellect->haste->crit->mastery(if ure hitcapped)

    actually read http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...w-Priest-Guide!!!

    al the do's en dont's
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