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    Atonement priest



    Atonement Priest

    Are any of those specs viable for PVE heroics where we are having a bit of a problem with our healing yet no problem on the dps?

    so i was thinking:
    1. a holydin that can have free hit rating and does exorcism and holy shock on low damage phases and when he gets procs
    2. the more viable option in my opinion: Selfless healer retadin which helps on fights like chogall or on pvp and such that still does tons of damage yet sometimes word of glory to help the healers
    3. Atonement priest which is the best viable option imo which is basicly shielding and healing with smite unless a big damage phase coming up then sometimes healing the tank a little more and ofcourse using penance on every cd as a heal or damage attack to keep the procs coming

    So what do you guys think?
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