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    First Tol'vir Digsite got the Canopic Jar - First Canopic jar got the Recipie

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    18 commons (3 Canopic Jar and no recipe) and 3 rares (Ring of the Boy Emperor, Mummified Monkey Paw and Pendant of the Scarab Storm) so far. Aiming for Mount and recipe now..

    Good luck everyone!

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    I earned the Professor title a few days ago (hurray for no life) so far i have earned 3 rares from tol'vir and i would guess around 40-50 tol'vir commons solved. Amongst these where the Scarab Pendant, the Ring, and the Scarab Mount.
    Since I am not in front of my PC but with my laptop in school at the moment, I can check it when I get home

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    52 Tol'vir solves.
    4 rares: Mount, Ring, Scarabs and the pet.

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    16 solves and that include the ring, pendant and ofc the mount =)
    (Solved all nelf rares)

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    Total artifacts
    Dwarf: 19
    Fossil: 268
    Night Elf: 762
    Tol'vir: 225
    Troll: 97

    No mount.. I think i'm the most unlucky guy on earth.

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    i honestly got the recipe on my first canopic jar
    but that damn tolvir mount has alluded me for months

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    I've only solved one Tol'vir thing and it was a canoptic jar (I was about to delete it to make space and noticed it was a container and clicked on it, this was back when archeaology things were worth literally nothing)

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    32 Solves, one rare, the ring. I hate archaeology after that amount, i gave up

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    9 commons solved here, no rares. But of those 9 two are Canopic Jar, and I got the recipe in the second one about an hour or two ago

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    23 solves, only 1 rare being the pendant. Losing motivation on it after I finished solving every NE and fossil before I got that one rare...
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    72 solves.
    3 rares. (Ring , pet and scarab)
    7 jars, nothing value inside.

    But I continue gathering fragments for more solve. Hopefully one day I will get both recipe and mount.
    "There is no real life, just afk"

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    Ring, Scarab pendant.

    5 jars no recipe
    41 total common
    43 total artifacts completed

    So many people on my server get the mount on first or second craft ... bs

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    2 rares (ring and scarab) 20 commons 1 of those was a jar whit the vial of sands in it and it was my 2 tol´vir solve

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    Are you guys serious about 100+ solves and only 2 rares? I'm at 7 common, 2 rare. Ring, Pendent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggers View Post
    Are you guys serious about 100+ solves and only 2 rares? I'm at 7 common, 2 rare. Ring, Pendent
    Those two seriously can't be considered Rare, to be honest. They pop up so early during your Tol'Vir research, it's silly to consider them anything other than common. Yes, of course you only get them once, but that's besides the point.

    The cake is in the remaining 4, those are hard to get.

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    42 Solves, 2 rares. (Ring and Pendant, suprise)
    4 Jar's, no recipe.

    I'm at around 420 solves total.

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    Vial of the Sands - 1st Canopic Jar
    Tyrande's - 120 NE solves
    Ring - 15 or 20 or so Tolvir solves

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    22 solves 2 rares, ring and pendant ( starting to think these are teaser rares) 2 jars no recipe

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    working on my 49th, which is the staff, already got the mount, scarab thingy and boy emperor ring

    not an alchemist, but have completed 10 canopic jars

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